Balenciaga on Counterfeit

  1. Did anyone else see this on their webpage? I could have sworn it wasn't there yesterday when I looked, but maybe I'm wrong? I wonder if its a response to Bluefly :graucho:
  2. I think that announcement is new! Good, maybe Balenciaga will go after Bluefly now. I left a message at the number posted on the Balenciaga site. I would like to suggest that everyone that received a counterfeit bag from Bluefly call the Balenciaga corporate office. Maybe there will be some justice after all!
  3. that is AWESOME!!!
  4. About time! I hope they nail Bluefly's asses over this. I'm so annoyed with how Bluefly dealt with the whole thing. I will never shop from them again.
  5. I second that notion!!! :yahoo: It's about time!!
  6. Way to go!!!!
  7. Wow!
  8. good for them!
    i'm glad they are taking a more proactive stance.
  9. wow, that's great, i'm so glad they're finally making a stand :biguns:
  10. me too! and thanks for posting the info
  11. Great news! Who's going to get the ball rolling and email the address about Bluefly? ;)
  12. Just thinking of all the people that purchased fakes on bluefly - and then in turn are selling them on eBay makes me so made.

    Bluefly sucks!
  13. yay im so proud of balenciaga!
  14. good for them! they should take a stand- for the sake of their customers!
  15. wow that's great!
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