Balenciaga on Bluefly

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  1. They're all unavailable for me :sad:
  2. Oh wow, that was quick! They were available when I posted that. What a bummer!
  3. The Dark Green Leather Large Purse Bag is available right now on BlueFly. It's 12noon in Cali.
  4. on mine there is a grey city ($956) olive purse and camel purse ($876)

    all are available to me!
  5. GONE!!!
    Oh no.... grey city and camel purse would've been lovely!
  6. Why did I go out to lunch??? Missed it again!
  7. yep, gone for now!
  8. mocean, did you get them?!!!!! hopefully you did! wow, that would be THREE balenciagas in one shot! :biggrin: :love:
  9. There are 4 bags on right now
  10. Metallic gold, pink, calf hair tan, and another one I forgot!
  11. dark green calf hair!:lol:
  12. thanks!
  13. hope someone gets them!
  14. The pictures are up on bluefly, but the items are unavailable...

    they're just teasing me...
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