Balenciaga on Bluefly

  1. Hi Everyone, I'm new to the forum and love Balenciaga bags...

    Was so excited when I saw a bronze First on bluefly but I couldn't get it in time!
  2. awww keep looking! our marketplace also has bbags on sale, but i believe u need 75 posts before u can veiw them.
  3. OMG, not once, not ONCE have I seen anything Balenciaga on sale at Bluefly. I'm so sick of seeing that "we're sorry" page!! :suspiciou
  4. I have found that they add the "really great new stuff" early Wednesday mornings. I get on there about 6:30am EST on Wednesdays & that is when I have caught the Balenciagas, Chanels, etc.. I snagged a Fendi spy too.
  5. Woah, that's unbelievable! Thanks so much for the heads-up! :idea:
  6. good to know about wed mornings- thanks! stinks bc i live in CA and that's really early for me...or i guess really late and good for midnight baby calls...:amazed:
  7. Is Bluefly selling auth. bags??
  8. Well, usually yes, but myself & another girl both received fake Bronze B-bags from them recently. Luckily I got my $$ back. I think someone before us did a bait & switch on Bluefly & they didn't catch it. All the other forum members have gotten authentic B-bags it seems.
  9. You're welcome ladies, Happy shopping!:nuts:
  10. Ace-- How could you tell it was a fake?? I don't think I would have caught it because I'd just assume that it was real coming from a legit source like Bluefly... :unsure:
  11. Well, Actually SpecialK emailed & told me. I had listed it on Ebay (really just decided against the color..) I had detailed pictures & not knowing much about Balenciaga at the time ( I know ALOT now!;) ) I guaranteed it to be authentic. Like you, I would have NEVER questioned the authenticity from Bluefly. As it turns out, the rivits on the back of the handles had the screwdriver-like dash across the back. That was a dead giveaway- for those who know their B-bags! So anyway, as soon as she emailed me, I pulled the auction off, packed up the bag & back to Bluefly it went!
  12. OOOoooooo, scary story! I think I heard a similar one about NM. Yikes! :weird:
  13. Thanks for the if i can get up early or sleep late...:wondering