Balenciaga on Bluefly

  1. I woke up this morning and found Bluefly's usual annoying e-mails (yet I don't wanna take myself off the mailing list in just case I see something I like in the fliers in the e-mails LOL)

    And I saw this:


    But it's not there anymore. It's a gorgeous color!
  2. Shoot....I missed it too.
  3. I saw it, was able to hit "purchase" but then it went to the next screen saying it was sold out. Then I checked all morning and it would come back but say "not available". Love that bag!
  4. Dang I missed it too. HOw much was it Becca?
  5. I believe it was $995 or $955; it was 20% off the retail price. Plus they always have a 15% off coupon floating around. I have now learned that the best time to check for new items is around 6:30 a.m. est.
  6. that's cute!
    did anybody manage to grab that?
  7. yep, they're just teasing us... apparently they listed 4 of them 2 days ago and they were all gone :sad:
  8. I felt like it was a tease as well...I think they like to put a few really hot items on there to get people talking and running to the site in hopes they will buy other things.

    Nice bag though....
  9. I actually have gotten Balenciaga from there. I got my grey city from Bluefly (which I kept) as well as a black purse and magenta box (but returned these to them). I couldn't sell them on WTS because I hadn't been a member long enough.
  10. chigirl - you got 3 different bbags from bluefly? What's your secret?
  11. Luck. ;) That's it. But I am not that lucky as I have never won any bags -- though maybe no one really has so....
  12. How do you find Balenciaga bags on Bluefly? I never see Balenciaga listed as one of the brands to search by.
  13. There is a search bar on the top of the main page; type in "balenciaga" and the list comes up. Right now they still have 5 or 6 of the coin bags up.
  14. I know, I missed this one too! I was all ready to get it and it got sold out. Urgh! LMK if someone's selling their city bronze -- want it want it want it!