Balenciaga on Bluefly now...but is it fake??

  1. the caramel is definitely a no-no.
  2. The camel leather is mostly a fake. However, the denim Day looks good.
  3. :rant: WHYYYYYY

    I hate you Bluefly. I deserve a gift card to the real Balenciaga store, just for getting my hopes up and then SLASHING them :mad:
  4. :amazed: :amazed: :sad: :sad: :rant: Say NO to Bluefly!
  5. Eeekk.. looks like they're all the returns from the fake batch.
  6. Yes...I was just hoping that by some weird stroke of luck, they posted the pictures of the fake bags but will send me a real one?!?

    HA HA! YEAH RIGHT! :censor:
  7. Why is it that anyone still believes that they are going to receive real Balenciagas from this current stock? I'm sure the returns from the last batch are going to be showing up for quite a while. In the meantime, what worries me more is that some people will actually be keeping the ones they bought.
  8. Bluefly should be ashamed of their new-found counterfeit selling business, no matter how profitable.

    But, I think this little metallic rose coin purse [​IMG] was real. Any LUCKY girl around here snach that baby up? Do you want sell it? I'm in :heart: :love: :heart:
  9. Rock steady, I just PMed you
  10. Save yourself the headache and skip Bluefly. I swear, it is worse than Ebay because at least with Ebay, you are on guard and automatically skeptical.