Balenciaga On Bluefly Now!! 4/10

  1. hey ladies...there are two Balenciaga items on bluefly right now
    1) rose leather coin purse
    2) mint leather coin purse (maybe seafoam)

    saw a similar thread this morning and some ladies wanted these items..hurry!! :nuts: :nuts:
  2. Oh no it's all gone already?!
  3. I have the mint ghost in my bag if anyone wants it.
  4. Darn it! I always come up short. Do they usually post the inventory on Monday mornings???
  5. Hi ladies! This is my first post to the the boards but have been a longtime lurker! :biggrin: I have a rose leather coin purse in my shopping bag if anyone wants it.
  6. Do you still have it?
  7. How much are they on bluefly?