Balenciaga Oh Oh on eBay

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  1. Okay ... those of you who know me by now, have probably seen my posts re: a Balenciaga yellow bag (that is supposedly coming out for the Spring 2006 season ... still unconfirmed dagnabit!).

    Anyhow, the Anis color has always been on my list (the older list) and I totally missed the bag on a Medium City Anis about 6 months ago ...

    This is the "First"/Classique (the smaller size):

    The only thing that concerns me is ... at 5'10" in stocking feet, is this size bag going to look ridiculous? Plus, at $1299 ... that's pretty darn high ... heck, I can get a new one (Medium-sized) for $1195!!
  2. It's a desired color so you will pay a premium on ebay for it. I think it may look a bit small on someone of your height. But then again it may be really cute on you. You're lucky to be able to wear bigger bags. I am 5'2" and have to be careful about larger sized bags.
  3. Can you get a medium (new) in anis?

    I don't think that the small would look silly on you; I think it would just be more of a shopping style, leisure bag, then a take it to work bag.

    $1299 is high - I guess she knows that it is a popular color to own.

    ***EDIT*** is she legit?? I thought that anyone who had many bags of the same designer should be scrutinized closely; she has 4 balenciagas and 2 chloes. *****
  4. True. According to her feedback she has sold several balenciagas in the past as well. I would be leary, although it looks good.
  5. ceejay, i totally think you shouldn't worry about the height thing! i know this colour and bag will look great on you! PLUS, if its a colour that you've wanting - i say, go for it! :biggrin:

    good luck and let us know how you go! ;)
  6. Princessbagz is legit (she's another forum member on the formerly known as 'Authentic Balenciaga Forum').

    I've heard that the Yellow that Balenciaga is supposed to be doing for Spring is more of a true yellow ... not the Anis. The Anis was kind of a strange color which I didn't like at first, but it's one of those things that grows on you (I did the same with the Apple Green and I'm KICKING MYSELF every day for not buying it - UGGH :cry: !!!).
  7. ceejay, is the anis colour got a tint of something else in it????
  8. Well, it seems like you are answering your own dilemma. I know we all hate the word "regret".

    Also, thanks for giving her the thumbs up for authentic retailers. That is good to know since she sure does get her hands on a lot of Balenciagas.

    If size is the issue holding you back - I don't think it should. :smile:
  9. I saw this bag today while surfing eBay, and fell in love :love: Yellow is one of my favorite colors. Sigh.. I guess apple green will just have to do :P
  10. Since you are a collector of B-bags and that is a color you'd like to have I'd say get it and enjoy it. If you should come across a yellow B-bag in the future in a different style you can always sell this one at a premium.
  11. So Balenciaga is coming out a YELLOW??? Yayyy!!! I gotta see that!