BALENCIAGA NYC shopping experience...

  1. So last time I was at Balenciaga NYC I was the only one in the store. It was a bit intimidating at first. :supacool: Terri (spelling?) was nice and showed me the new giant bags (they weren't out yet when I was there). I'm due back for a trip and looking to purchase something in Bleu de France or Vert Gazon.:yahoo:

    How's your shopping experience been at the store? And any SA in particular you like working with?
  2. I've used Kim and liked her. She's very laid back and sweet. Others have mentioned Joseph, Daphne and Sarah with high regard. I did have an experience with one SA, Daisy, who was not all that patient with me as I looked through 6 firsts in greige to make the "right" choice. But to her defense it was right at the end of the day. She never said anything negative to me, but I could see she was less than thrilled.
  3. I adore Joseph. My first Sa there was T**** (cant say the name) and he/she picked out and sent me the worlds WORST leather you ever saw on a bag! dry,major veinage, crinkly, rough.

    Joseph on the other hand has gone out of his way for me and even called me the day my items came to see if I liked them.
  4. Daphne is wonderful! She emails photos, patiently answers questions, always sweet and helpful!
  5. I like Joseph. :love: Never met him in person but my phone order with him was a very satisfying one. :yes:
  6. Thanks for the replies! I spoke to Daphne :jammin: briefly a few days ago and she seemed really sweet. Hopefully they'll have a great collection when I come in.:p
  7. I've only phone ordered from them and the guy I used is gone:sad:
  8. Miguel........for Magenta......(my turn ;) )
  9. I've gone in the store a couple times. Daphne knows me by face now because I'm always bringing out of town friends who don't have access to B-bags where they live. :yes:
  10. Daphne is as sweet as pie!
  11. i use Daphne, one of my favorite SAs in all of NYC.

    SO sweet, and she genuinely seems to care about you as a customer, she even remembers all the bbag purchases ive made, even the ones not from bal ny :p. Always picks the best leathers to choose from, just a wonderful SA.

    Joseph seems really nice also, ive never had any experiences at all with kim and sarah but i heard theyre amazing as well.
  12. Daphne is helping me right now picking out an origan purse style...she sent me pics today and has answered every email...she has been very helpful...

    oh yeah and the other day I read a thread here about their return policy (2x vs lifetime) so I asked her in an email and her exact response was "Our return policy has always been the same. You may return a bag within 10 days of receiving the bag, for store credit or exchange ONLY. We do not refund credit cards. We also believe that we do our best to provide our customers with what they are looking for, and feel that after two exchanges (of the same purchase) you should have found the perfect bag. We will only take an exchange twice. Hope this is clear." it sounds like it is 2 exchangeds per bag...not a lifetime...
  13. Daphne is wonderful. My Mom is crazy about her. Always patient, goes the extra mile to pick the perfect bag and if you don't finds another. She emails or calls when anything new comes in and one thing she does that impresses me... if she sees a particular bag that is spectacular and stands out, she calls, even if you aren't looking for that color. That's how I got my truffle. When my Mom got her olive, Daphne said that she found a really incredible truffle. She sent it on consignment and I took one look and fell in love with that bag. :love: