Balenciaga NY store - I bought a new grey first bag today and cut off tags but now ro

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  1. I discovered a black pen mark on the back of the bag. Do you think they will exchange it for a new one even though i cut off my tag? it's totally their fault and i'm so upset since it's 1k!

    I would call but the store is closed, so i wanted to see what the purse forum thinks...
  2. Just explain exactly what happened and hopefully your SA would offer an exchange. Let us know what happens. Can you post a pic? Are you sure it is not a natural black 'freckle' on the leather?
  3. No, it's definitely a pen mark. I don't know how I missed it :sad: Okay I'm praying they'll exchange it. Although now I think I want anthracite..
  4. I would think they would exchange it. Good luck!
  5. ^^ i'm sure they'll exchange it for you :cutesy:

    p.s. be nice, but stand your ground with them!!!
  6. I was able to return the bag, but I couldn't find a first bag in a color I was in love with and walked away with a store credit. What do you suggest is the best way to get rid of my store credit if I don't love any other bags there? I bought the black city with regular hardware, which i loveee, but i think thats enough for me for now. Should I try to see if any of my friends will buy it from me? Is there anything else I can do? Thanks!!
  7. Did you buy 06 grey? I didn't know they would still have that color in stock. Do you happen to know if they had any 06 grey cities?

    Good luck with your exhange!
  8. yes it was the 06 grey first.. I didn't ask about the city, but you should give them a call. They had 3 06 grey firsts, but there was something wrong with each of them! One had the pen mark (the one i orig bought, worn handles, etc)..
  9. Thanks! I love 06 grey and thought by now all of those bags would have been long gone!

    Yikes, that is scary that they have bags there that show signs of use. Especially worn handles? :wtf: They should at least mark the prices of those bags down,... but that's wishful thinking.
  10. ERRR.... that darn store credit! That stinks, but I am so glad that they returned it for you. Can you sell store credit on fleabay? Mods please edit if that was not allowed to be said.
  11. ^^ my guess is the store credit's, i wouldn't try selling it to anyone unless you confirm BALNY's policy with stinks they sold you damaged merchandise, but be happy you got your store credit...they hate returns/exchanges & have given many gals here a hard time w/them :girlsigh:
  12. Can you use Store Credit to buy some Gift Cards?

    You could have a store of them for birthdays and whatnot :shrugs:
  13. how long is the credit good for? maybe in a couple months you will see something you like :yes: