Balenciaga NY Shipping?

  1. i bought a balenciaga bag yesterday and they said it would take around 2-3 days to arrive.

    however, i have school and i do not want to miss UPS and end up missing deliveries several times and ending up having to pick it up by myself cuz that will cost me a lot of cab money.

    but the BALNY said they wont give me tracking numbers.

    does anyone know how we can track these withoiut the tracking numbers?
  2. you call your SA there and ask them to track it for you. that is the only way.

  3. I know this is totally of subject, but how much was the shipping cost? Also, What bbag did you get?
  4. i know BalNY's shipping cost to canada is $70 USD
  5. Ground shipping should be free inside the U.S. Why on earth won't they give you a tracking #? I ordered mine next day air so next asked for one.
  6. Isn't it free ground shipping in the US?
  7. Yeah, I just ordered a bag from them and ground shipping is free in the US...