Balenciaga NY Shipping

  1. Hi Ladies!

    The BalNY store is closed now so I can't ask them questions, but I bet some of you here know more than the SAs do (no kidding...). What are the various shipping rates and transit times available through BalNY? I'm calling to order my bag tomorrow (Day style, color still undecided, but leaning towards Blueberry), and I'm wonder what the shipping options are.

    Answers and information greatly appreciated! :smile:
  2. They're shipping mine regular FedEx and I think it's $15. You can get it overnighted too but I can't remember how much that was. Maybe $40 or something?
  3. I got mine sent UPS and it was $15.
  4. Mine was UPS Overnight for $45.
  5. I know overnight is 40 or 45 dollars because that's what I do all the time.
  6. I did not order from Bal NY because I live in upstate NY and would have to pay tax (another $80) but in retrospect that might have been worth it in order to have the exchange/return policy.
  7. This past Friday Joseph gave me the following rates to ship a Twiggy. I do not know if shipping is based on price, but here goes:

    UPS Ground - $15
    UPS 3 Day Select - $30
    UPS 2nd Day Air - $35
    Next Day Air - $45

    Hope that helps!

    I wish you well,

  8. BalNY doesn't do returns I believe. It's exchanges within the first 10 days.
  9. Wow - thanks for the rates Bridget! I didn't even know we had an option for 2 or 3 day air!

    Ashley - I've always opted for regular ground, and it usually takes about 6-7 business days to reach me (I'm in CA).