Balenciaga NY Rocks!!!

  1. So some of you may know, I had a SS 07 Work that faded from black to green over just a few months. See below for the before and after pics. I didnt know what to do because I really love jet black bbags not green ones. I tried to sell it super cheap because I really wanted a new one, no one was interested.

    I decided to call BalNY and my super awesome SA told me to send it in so they could take a look at it and that it definitely should not be fading after such a short period of time, not to mention turn green! So I sent it in and got the call today from her that she got it and it is definitely green! There going to send me a brand new one to replace it!

    The funny thing is that she thought it was pretty cool looking. She said it looked like anthracite (which is exactly what I was thinking) but since she shipped it to me originally she knew it was suppose to be black. I even got a compliment in a department store that they "loved my green balenciaga!"

    Iether way, I am THRILLED!! I am so happy with their customer service and quick action to help me out. For all those who have issues with BalNY, this is proof that they have at least some wonderful SA's that are friendly, provide great customer service and are honorable and credible.

    PS. She also said the first of the 08's are going to be in VERY soon!
    blackwork2.JPG blackworkafter.JPG
  2. So happy that they did the RIGHT thing. :smile: I can't believe how much your bag changed color. That is incredible!
  3. Before I spoke to Bal, I showed my bag to the SA at Holt Renfrew (high end department store in canada) just to see if they had any similar issues. I even brought in another one of my black bags to compare and they just said "Thats just the nature of the leather, its suppose to fade" :rolleyes:

    Gee, I didnt know black bags were suppose to fade to green. Good to see how much they know their product. Now I remember why I dont buy from them anymore.
  4. Wow that's good service. But the difference between the bags is just extreme. I wouldn't believe it was the same bag if I didn't now it.
  5. I'm so happy to hear that you're getting a replacement black work! I still can't believe how drastic the color change was :wtf: At least BalNY decided to do the right thing. Hopefully the dye problem has been fixed and none of the 08 black bags with turn green.
  6. that's awesome. very happy to hear they gave you a brand new one.
  7. Good for you. I'm glad you got a new one and they see what can happen!!
  8. Glad they straightened it out for you! It's true they might fade a bit, but yours was extreme.
  9. awesome! glad they did the right thing, enjoy your brand new bag!
  10. glad to hear they did the right thing :smile:
  11. I'm just really glad I had a pic of my bag when I first got it. I don't usually take pics right away but I just happen to this time. You never know, had I not had the before pic they mat have just thought the bag was always like that or that it was anthracite or something. This is good reason to take pics of bas as soon as thet arrive!
  12. SpecialK, I am soooo happy for you and that Bal Ny stood by their products! I am concerned about fading and got mine from Barneys last month, I don't know if it's a ss07 or F07. Is there a way to tell which season mine is? I don't know if Barneys would stand by their quality issues.
  13. WOW....I'm glad they stood by the product! That is an amazing transformation though....wouldn't even know it was the same bag!

    Ohhhh and '08s are going to be here soon? ACK@!!!!
  14. Glad to hear you they did this for you! Would you please be able to pass along your sales associate's name, perhaps? I would like to order a bag fron NY, but am hesitant. However, your salesperson sounds great! thanks!!
  15. Thats awesome news~!!! g:huh:d to hear that they're standing behind there bags!