Balenciaga NY Payment Methods

  1. Does anyone know if the Balenciaga store in NY takes VISA?
  2. I've never been in a store that wont take VISA. I'm pretty sure they do.
  3. Yes, they do.

  4. Neiman Marcus stores only take amex and nm cards :cursing:
  5. WHAT? OMG that's odd.
  6. Okay, thanks.
    I'm going to NY next week, and my main purpose is to go the the Balenciaga store. Am I crazy? :shame:
    I could just order it over the phone, but I want to see it with my own two eyes before buying it.
    This will be my first B.bag!!!
    I was just asking about the payment thing, b/c I heard some BarneyNY stores only accept American Express? I think that is stupid.
  7. I don't even have an amex card because not many stores around here accept it.
  8. :wlae: yeah they totally take VISA!! :wlae:

  9. Yes. I had no idea and was buying a gift for my sister. I plonked my MC on the counter. Denied! The salesman was very nice about it, even offered his opinion that it was a dumb policy, and directed me to the mall concierge. There I purchased a gift certificate for the exact amount with my MC, hoofed it back to Neiman Marcus, and paid with the gift certificate. Phew!
  10. that's a good idea porro.
  11. Not at all crazy...its a good idea to go in person to choose your dream bag! And make sure to ask your SA to bring out several from the back so you can compare leathers because each one will be a bit different. Have fun :flowers:
  12. do they accept cash :confused1:
  13. I didn't know that about Neimans when I went on Sunday with my BF's mom and my friend. My BF's mom ended up borrowing my Amex card :P
  14. I knew that but never thought anything of it, I only use my NM card at Neimans.
  15. YES...they take cash!! :yes: