Balenciaga NY has money wallets in Natural

  1. No bags yet, :confused1: but they did get the wallets in today.
  2. Powder, did they get any other accessories in? I'm waiting on a Makeup. :smile:
  3. Is it the money wallet that holds the checkbook or the larger one?

    Do you have photos of any of the wallets? I'm trying to see what the closure of the money wallet it. I think the other one zips up and if there is a pocket to view your drivers license from it. :confused1:
  4. the Money wallet has a magnetic button closure..the one that zips is the Compagnon. Correct me if i am worng. I love the Money wallet..fits a lot, and it isn't too big and bulky, which is what i think the Compagnon is..bulky.
  5. Yeah the compagnon is big..I like big but I am going for the money as Oh Donna said it is more femine than the compagnon. I still like both from what I have seen and maybe I could have both someday!!