Balenciaga NY authentications

  1. Do you know if they will authenticate bags if they are brought there either in person or are mailed? Remember that awfully good fake that I had purchased? The weird seafoam/emerald first? Well the person who sold it to me is trying to sort everything out with the seller she originally purchased from. I'll call Balenciaga tomorrow, but I was hoping that maybe someone here might know? TIA!
  2. no.. balenciaga will not authenticate bags anymore. Neither does Barneys, Neimans, Saks etc.
  3. Oh no that's awful! The seller told me that she brought it to Harvey Nichols and they said it was authentic. However the lady had only been there for 2 what could she have known? I don't think that so many people AND ask dude themself could be wrong on that bag could they? Is there any other way to have someone check it out?
  4. they could just walk in with it and try... otherwise dude is the only authenticator of balenciaga methinks
  5. lol I believe dude has authenticated this bag several times. The seller still won't believe. Plus neither of us lives near one of the Balenciaga boutiques so I don't think we could try?
  6. The only way you can 'beat the system' is if you take it to have it repaired, and it gets sent out -- they wont accept a fake bag for repair obviously - BUT I don't think Balenciaga does repairs without receipts, so there goes that idea.

    There's definitely no way that bag is authentic -- not only is it a non existent color, there are hardware details that Balenciaga never had.
  7. i seriously wonder if this is the same seller i almost bought the same bag from... she was adamant as well. said she bought it herself at barneys, so how could it possibly be fake?
  8. I've read on another board (tfs) where sometimes people will return a fake bag to the store and the SA either is unaware or doesn't think about whether the return is authentic or not. :shocked:

    I certainly hope that the stores are wising up to this. The possibility also mentioned was the store would then resell the returned fake to another customer. :cry:
  9. ekeke, its such a hassle! i mean the PF can help too.... i know PF member Ceejay is REALLY good with b-bags... let us know if we can help out in anyway!
  10. Actually, dude no longer authenticates b bags! She says it was just too big of a hassle and so she only does it for close friends (i.e., members of her forum).