Balenciaga now on bluefly!

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  1. Geesh, did someone bought all of them at once? Looks like they're all gone now. :evil:
  2. Just saw it, it's pretty! Potential buyers run don't walk!
  3. yeah - what the heck - I got all excited.

    I remember reading on ateliernaffblog that Loehmanns had recieved a large shipment of Fake Balenciagas. I guess the jury is out on their knowledge of the fakeness; but, it has made me wonder when "second-chance" stores get these high-end digs if they are Super-fakes, or the real thing.

    by the looks of the inventory it is as if Aloha Rag sent their entire left-over inventory there; but, would they do that?

    On the bag - they have it listed as medium; but, have the measurements for the small city.
  4. That was fast! The City though is more expensive than if you buy it at the store.
  5. Ya I know... I was thinking of the same thing that Aloha Rag sent bluefly all of their coin pouches. lol
  6. Sometimes I think bluefly is sneaky when it comes to pricing. The purple one looks like a "first" (but they called it "medium"? :weird:smile: so it should be about $995 original price but bluefly misrepresented the original price of this bag. I didn't like that. :evil:
  7. If we start seeing lots of wallets and coin purses popping up on EBay we know where they came from. ;)
  8. I find that with the Balenciaga bags (and the various names), it's a good practice to go by the measurements instead of the 'names'. Even reputable sellers (e.g., Browns - London/UK) misnamed the Balenciaga bags (until I sent them an email one time!). Frankly, I think Balenciaga does it purposely to "trap" the scammers!
  9. Where?! Argh! The items are gone! I'm sooo sad, I'm a huge fan (though not as much as Ceejay). Can you guys please describe what was on the page for me? Pretty please?

    *All that shows up on the link is a pair of pink pants, lol.*
  10. I have a link on the purple (or is it magenta) Balenciaga first under my other thread "brown spy on bluefly." Sorry, I should have paste the photos here too but just got too lazy.

    Bluefly HAD the purple "first", a few long wallets, and a bunch of mini coin pouches all in varies yummy colors. I think it lasted for a few minutes and then it was all gone! What a SIGHT that was! :lol:
  11. Thanks for the update! *sigh*. Sounds great... Guess I'll be checking Bluefly often now.... :amuse:
  12. Hi--I was the person who bought the magenta (it's the small sized bag) on Bluefly. Now I'm having second thoughts. Can I really manage a magenta b'bag? (It hasn't arrived yet--it's coming tomorrow). A lot of you seem really young (well--compared to me--I'm in my fifties). My question is--am I going to look ridiculous with a magenta b'bag? I really have been admiring them--styling, workmanship--but when I see one on the street, it's generally someone in their twenties carrying it. Is this a massive mistake????
  13. I don't think there's an age difference when it comes to bags unless you're talking about Sanrio style bags. Why don't you try on the bag when it gets here and if you're still uncomfortable with it then you can return it. You might never know until you try it first.
  14. oh you're SO lucky!!!! I totally want a magenta FIRST! its such a fun bag!!! I don't think you're making a mistake.... you should always enjoy what bags you have or are getting!!! Just wear it your way! :amuse: please be sure to post up some pics for us to see!