Balenciaga noobie- Please help! =) I need some price / name info! =)

  1. Hi, I'm a Balenciaga noobie- and I'm in LOVE with the Giant Hardware..

    But I've been looking around the forum and there are some many different names for them. Can you guys please help me with the different kinds of names? Because since I do not live near any major department stores, I would have to order via telephone.

    I either want a blue with silver hardware or black with gold hardware.

    But I've learned that there is a "City" and "Part Time" and "Work" bags?
    I was looking for the smallest.

    Also, all these abbreviations are confusing me! :sad:
    So please help.

    Also, prices would be GREAT. Since I don't know anything!

    Thanks so much:love:
  2. Go into the reference thread it has all the seasons colors, pictures of the different bags and a list of retailers for bbag in a bunch of different countries :smile: Thats your best bet to knowing all that stuff.
  3. Ohhhhh okie I'll check it out.

    What does EB mean?
  4. electric blue and BG means bubble gum..... VD is vert d'eau... I think thats most of the abbreviations LOL

    You get the hang of it.. I only got into balenciaga a few weeks ago but I've picked it up finally haha
  5. Hahahah thanks.