Balenciaga no tax

  1. Do you know where I can get Balenciaga bag without paying tax in U.S.A.? thank you so much :p
  2. As long as you don't live in NY there is no sales tax when you order from BalNY. And there's no sales tax when you buy from Aloha Rag if you don't live in Hawaii :yes:
  3. Thank you so much erica1451 :wlae:
  4. Saks just order from a store outside of your state
  5. Not true for me... :shrugs: which Saks did you order from?
  6. I live in NY and just received bags from Palm Dessert and Boca but usually order from Greenwhich

    Never ever get charged tax or even shipping. That's why I always try to buy from Saks. Just make sure to tell the SA it's a gift.
  7. May I please have the number of that saks that you order from? thank you so much:tup:
  8. Wow that's great! I live in NJ and if I were to purchase from BalNY or Barney's, they charge me sales tax but no shipping because they have a warehouse in NJ. Also, anywhere else where they have a Bal "presence", I get charged tax but no shipping.:confused1:

  9. Of course! Call Saks in Greenwhich first. Lenore is the SA. She's great. Just tell her to send it as a gift and not to charge you tax. Also, you can call Rose in Boca Raton, Fl. Same deal there. The numbers are on the Saks website. Good luck!
  10. Also I usually try and buy around the GC event. This way you are saving o tax, shipping and get at least a $100 GC with your purchase. Could be more depending on the price of the bag.
  11. Thank you so much. I am very appreciate :yahoo:
  12. Wow, good to know. I thought you had to pay tax if they had a store in your home state, even if you didn't order it from that one.
  13. Most stores are like that but for some reason Saks has been doing this for years. It may be a glitch? Who knows? All I know is it saves us big on tax! Woo hoo:yahoo:
  14. If you go through Aloha Rag, you can join their membership program (it is free) and receive 3% off your order plus free shipping. I am up to 5% off since I have purchased a few bags from there.
  15. Can you tell me what is aloha rag? is that saks in aloha rag or it is a store there? How can I order it from aloha rag? thank you