Balenciaga news

  1. Today I bought the black day with GH ( I can't post pics cause I have a problem with my camera) and my sweat SA told me that this summer they going to have the Giant hardware in silver.
    I think the silver GH could be really nice don't you think so?
  2. hmmm i don't know but i think i'd prefer gold :p
  3. Hmmm...that sounds VERY intriguing! I'd be interested to see what the GH in silver would look like. Am going to France in July, so I just might be able to see them then. I've always preferred silver over gold tones, although the Gold GH is beautiful, I must say.

    Thanks for the tip!:yes:
  4. Would love it in silver!
  5. That sounds incredible! I can't wait!!!
  6. Oohh... so does that mean after the silver GH, they might come out with petwer hardwares for the regular bbags?!! :nuts:
  7. :wtf: :drool: :drool: :drool: :wtf:
  8. I'm not a big fan of the GH in gold....don't know if I'll like silver any better.....JMHO but the GH just reminds me of cartoons...too big...:shrugs:
  9. I'd prefer gold... but pehaps the silver will compliment some colours better?
  10. Wonderful inside-info!! I think I will love this! I have two GHbags. I am having the Black/GH bag transferred to my NM to possibly purchase.

    Are you thrilled with your handbag???
  11. hmmmm can't wait to see photos... i'm hoping for silver hardware for all bags!
  12. I love my bag, I can't stop looking at it, I think the giant hardware is perfect for the day, can't wait for the silver
  13. Yeah! I'd love to see them in silver!
  14. I'm not a fan of the GH but I think I could learn to love silver GH on a black work :yes:
  15. I was told that a couple of weeks ago, but I dont like the big hardware much so it didnt get me excited. I do think that silver big hw would look better on some of the cooler toned colors like the french blue, periwinkle and Marine....I wouldnt mind seeing smaller silver hw on bags though...