BALENCIAGA NEWS!!! Official FW07 NAMES OF COLORS, NEW Styles, & Trunk show info...

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    Friday afternoon, I sat down for an hour with Daphne of Balenciaga NY. We chatted about new styles, the official color names, and more info about the upcoming Trunk Show. She was nice enough to show me the swatches without me having to ask. The swatches are very tiny but it gave me a better idea of what the colors will actually look like.

    According to Daphne, GRAPE and STEEL have been the two most popular colors so far...waitlists left and right.

    Let's begin...


    First let’s start with the OFFICIAL BALENCIAGA NY NAMES for the Fall Winter 2007 Collection. There was a bit of confusion with Cinnamon, it’s actually Mogano/Mahogany…and Rouge is Tomato.


    top row, left to right

    BLACK (noir)

    SIENA (tabac)
    It’s the shade of brown in between Truffle and Marron (FW 06)

    OCEAN (bleu)
    I love this color! I’d describe it as a true Blue.

    DARK OLIVE (vert fonce)

    middle row, left to right

    PAPRIKA (rouille)
    More orange than SS 06 Rouille, gorgeous nonetheless.

    TOMATO (rouge)
    Remember Nicole Kidman’s Balenciaga dress at the Oscars? This is the color. A shade in between 03 Red, and 05 Rouge Theatre.


    STEEL (plomb)
    A deep rich gray...reminds me of FW 05 Grey. What I thought Anthracite was going to be.

    CRÈME (ivory)
    I think Crème will be the underdog for the FW season. Remember how quickly Naturel GH sold out? Crème, in my opinion will have the same impact as it would look good with both Silver and Gold hardware.

    bottom row, left to right

    PINE (previously unnamed green swatch)
    A bit darker than Emerald. The love child of Grass Green and Sapin.

    GRAPE (violet)
    Darker than I've seen in the pics of the Barneys Trunk Show...Grape has more red than blue.

    CINNAMON (mogano)
    Very deep brown although it has that reddish brown tine to it...keep in mind that I was looking at very tiny swatches so it's a bit difficult to tell.

    MARIGOLD (jaune)
    Sorry but this is NOT THAT Marigold. It has more brown to it, very much like lemon curry. I’d describe it as a mustard – saffron color. I actually compared the Marigold swatch next to a Silver Giant Hardware and I’m not crazy about it. Since Marigold turns out to be a warmer temperature of Yellow it will look amazing with the Giant Gold hardware...but I'm ready to be proven wrong.

    OATMEAL (mastic)
    Golden Brown, much darker than Sandstone. One of my favorites from the color swatches.

    ***I forgot to ask...didn't Bal NY refer to Marron (FW 06) as DARK OLIVE as well? I remember Terry sending me their inventory list and she kept referring to Marron as Dark Olive and Origan as Light Olive. Oh the confusion!

    THE STEPPING OUT (aka The Step, The Escapade)

    This bag is very similar to the Brief (style wise). However, this is not a cross between the City and the Brief size wise…this bag is HUGE!!! Daphne described it to me as being 2-3 times wider than the brief…and even bigger than the Weekender. Plus it has that middle panel (see pic below) to give it depth...I'm using the Make Up Clutch as an example...but look at the panel on the side w/c gives the clutch depth...



    This bag is circular in shape (very MOD). It has two handles that you can wear over your shoulder. From what she described the Sphere will be very similar in size to the Mid-Afternoon. So all you ladies searching for the OVAL clutch, now you can get one with handles!

    THE BERSACE (not official name/spelling)

    This style is very similar to the GIANT HOBO. Sideways, the Giant Hobo looks very similar to the Oval Clutch however, the Bersace will have that leather paneling to give the bag depth (see photos below). The strap will have an extra grip in the middle of the your typical luggage handles.

    The SS 07 Giant Hobo is basically two pieces of leather stitched together (with piping)...


    however the Bersace will have that third panel to give the bag extra depth/dimension...


    Here you can see both...

  3. There's nothing much to report with Balenciaga NY's stock list...

    They have the Partition Bag, Partition Clutch, Tron bag, and Tri Color bags EVERYWHERE in the store. I'm assuming that they are trying to push these styles before they get overshadowed by the Fall Collection arrival.

    I looked at a couple of the SHOPPING style bags but didn't care for the leather.

    I didn't ask for her to bring any other bags out since I'm holding off until I see the FW Collection during the trunk show....

    They do however have (only colors left): GIANT CLUTCH in White and GIANT TRAVELER in Truffle

    VERT GAZON: Part Time, Weekender
    FRENCH BLUE: Brief GH, [B}shoulder[/B] (yup! there’s another one!)
    SANDSTONE: Mid Afternoon, Large Matelasse
    VERMILLION: make up clutch

    City: Aqua, Origan, Grenat, Greige, Cafe, Truffle, (among MANY others)...I just saw the guy bring them out for another client.

    Barneys NEW YORK stock list:​


    The Shopping (the leather has minor scratches in the front)
    The Box (gorgeous leather/bag!)
    The Extra Courier




    Extra Courier





    Vert Gazon Brief (classic)
    White Part Time (Giant)

    French Blue and White Matelasse

    **Grass Green
    **French Blue

    **note that I quickly went upstairs to purchase a jacket, when I came back down (15 minutes later) both the Grass and French Blue Compagnons were GONE! I'm assuming they are just on hold though. (if you care to order one from them)

    French Blue


    Black (or was it Anthracite?)
    Grass Green (Cracker, are you paying attention?)

    First, absolutely no photography (she told me that at least 5 times so I’m guessing they mean it). No photography of samples to email to those who can’t attend the show. This is the first time they are doing a handbag trunk show. Silver GH, Gold GH, and classic hardware bags will all be shown.

    She also said (although she’s still unsure if it’s true or not)…during the trunk show, if there is a style and color that you like but is NOT ordered by Balenciaga NY, you could (possibly) order it during the trunk show and they will specifically make it for you. So if they are not getting a Marigold Work with Silver GH, you can order it and have it made…just for you!!! However, before you start calling Bal NY, Daphne said that she is still unsure if this is true or not…so I will update you once I hear more about it from her.

    I would highly recommend for anyone planning to attend to RSVP. I’m not sure if they will actually let EVERYBODY in, since she asked me if I’m planning to bring someone along with me and how many exactly (I wish I could take all of you!!!).
  5. I wish so much I could go with you ICB! Think of me in Oz!
  6. Thanks for all infos!Just a precision,"bersace" doesn't exist in french,it's "besace"(=hobo/messenger)
    Great tread!:woohoo:very interesting
  7. Yes, there's already a style called BESACE (men's bag)...Daphne couldn't remember the spelling/pronounciation of the new style and she referred to is as VERSACE...we'll find out the real name during the trunk show.
  8. ICB...Just another question...If you owned a Blueberry Work, would you get an Ocean First? Are these 2 blues too similar?
  9. I was wondering the same thing when I first saw the swatches online. But after seeing it in person, I think they are still a bit different. My Blueberry Work is a bit darker compared to most that I've seen so mine is a bit darker than OCEAN.

    However, in the case that I do have to pick, I would sell my Blueberry Work in a heartbeat to get the Ocean. But knowing me, I'd keep my Blueberry Work and get an Ocean Weekender.
  10. Thanks!I forgot something:here in France,It's the same:big waitinglist for the same colors:Grape and Plomb:drool:(info from Bal,Le Printemps.Paris)
  11. I might as well add these pics...

    The gorgeous view directly outside of Balenciaga NY...




    Entrance to COMMES DES GARCONES...

  12. Wow, lots of great info! Thanks for posting and yes, I'll be calling Barneys about that coin before it's too late! You're the best!:yahoo:
  13. Here's spiral's photos from Barney's Trunk Show.........would you say these pics are pretty accurate for Violet 07?



    And could this be the Ocean (Bleu) color shown on this bag?


    I think this blue shade will look spectacular with the new silver GH!!! I can't wait to see it IRL.
  14. ^ The Ocean Blue is quite accurate.

    The Violet, however...the swatch is a bit darker than the photos (since the flash is making it seem much lighter than the color really is)...but in the photos you can clearly see that there's more red than blue in the Grape. The 2nd photo in my opinion would be the closer color to Grape.
  15. ICB Would you say Mastic will look good with both Gold GH and Silver GH? Which hardware would look better with this color?