Balenciaga newbie's reveal!


Jan 4, 2013
Stunning, congrats!!
Thank you lulu! Im loving it especially the rggh! However i noticed there are some differences between my blue roi's rggh and my friend's nuage rggh when i was comparing it the other day. Mine has no lampo logos underneath the zippers which is worrying but i dont really mind now that ive read the thread about how the 2010 rggh zippers have smooth backs. And to think about it, having lampo logos doesnt guarantee authenticity since ive seen fakes with them too.
Another thing i noticed is the finishing of the rggh. Mine is smoother and almost pale gold like whereas the nuage has sort of red copperish look to it. Now my blue roi is a year older than her nuage but she said the rggh is probably made by 2 different manufacturers. I personally like mine better :smile: . Does anyone have any opinion on this? Perhaps a side by side comparison photos of the 2 different rggh? I didnt have the chance to take any photos of the rggh nuage vs rggh blue roi.


Jun 7, 2012
Los Angeles
wow! that's the most saturated bleu roi ive seen in rggh! it's gorgeous! u made the right choice!:smile: dont worry about the lampo stamp, 2010 dint have that stamp. congrats and enjoy ur new beauty!


Jul 16, 2010
Congrats, it's so gorgeous! I have RH Blue Roi and the colour is beautiful, but with RGGH it is simply stunning! Love it!