Balenciaga newbie

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  1. Hello wonderful ladies (and gents) of the Balenciaga forum! I usually post over in Chanel, but have recently been noticing the lovely bal bags!

    Anyways here's my issue: So a couple years ago I was about to purchase a small motorcycle bag, but I ended up not getting it:crybaby: When I started to get the Bal itch again I headed to Neimans and noticed that all the bals had really thick grommets instead of the more demure ones...

    Does anyone know if that is specific to Neiman's??? And if so, maybe other stores that carry Bal ???

    Though the larger grommet is alright, its just not me... Any help would be great- Thanks everyone!! :p

    ps the pic is from the Ref Lib and is an example of the demure grommets I like!
    norm city.jpg
  2. Hi there...and a big welcome to the long, dark tunnel that is BBag addiction!

    The bigger grommets are called "giant hardware"...or, more colloquially, "GH". They come in silver, "GSH" (giant silver hardware') or gold, "GGH". The grommets that you prefer are "Regular Hardware" or "RH". In the U.S. (I'm in Canada), I believe NM, Barney's and...maybe...Saks?? is it?? carry Balenciaga, as well as Bal's flagship NY store...Balenciaga NY:

    542 W 22nd St
    New York, NY 10011, USA
    (212) 206-0872

    But you'll have to wait for one of our U.S. friends to step in and address the question of other dept. stores whixh carry Bal. Also, you'll find a good number of other authorized dealers by checking here:

    There are also a few online auth. dealers you will find by searching the Reference sub-forum here. Best of luck and let us know what ends up seducing you first! :graucho:
  3. Hmm I haven't seen Bal at Saks, but select Nordstroms carry Balenciagas! Good luck :smile:
  4. Thank you ladies so much!!! I just love TPF, I always get the best info and everyone is super nice! :p