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Jul 9, 2006
Hello all,

I'm hoping to order my very first B-bag and I have decided to get a City :tup: I have put my name down with Aloharag for a 08 Black City and they emailed me back and said that there is no guarantee that I will get one as there is no pre-ordering. Does anyone know whether they actually get alot of Black City stock in? I was thinking of ordering through Cult Status in Perth but I will be paying around $1,895 plus shipping :wtf:

Also, I really really want a distressed looking bag with a nice glossy sheen - has anyone seen the current 08 leather bags and, if so, is the leather similar to the 07?

Thanks everyone :flowers:


Jun 30, 2007
i think 06 bags have more veiny and shiny leathers, based on what i've gathered here but don't quote me cos i don't own an 06 and the leathers of the newer bbags (after 05) are just too inconsistent :boxing:

the black bags on diabro should be s/s07 leather. i have a white city that's quite shiny, if i compare it to my mogano work which is f/w07. thickness-wise, they're almost similar. i think you'd have to wait a while longer for more forummers to buy 08 bags and see how the leathers are like when they post up their purchases.


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Jul 4, 2007
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I have an 07 Black City that I got a month ago at Barneys- It's shiny and distressed. I don't think anyone has seen an 08 yet.
Good Luck and let us know which you get!


Sep 4, 2007
Black and White are pretty much staple colors so I don't think either will be hard to get (correct me if I'm wrong, ladies! still new to this!) I would chase one down in the US, either AR or Bal, as you would save quite a bit. Good luck!


Mar 3, 2007
don't worry, i am sure you will get one! AR says that cause they don't take preorders but the black city is a classic so i doubt they will have no more stock? oops just saw that jo_ee said the same thing. but yah it won't be too hard to get the black city.
haven't seen an 08 black city but the leather on my bubblegum is pretty amazing. it sounds like exactly what you want, distressed with a glossy sheen! i love it. :smile: