Balenciaga Newbie!

  1. Hey everyone,

    You may or may not have seen me around because I hang mostly in the LV or Coach forums, but I've recently fallen for BBags!! :yahoo:

    I have a few questions for you as a newbie...[I tried the reference forums already, didn't really help]

    Which bag is a good size for a 15-16 year old? [which I am...probably won't buy a BBag till next year]

    What are the prices of the MINI Twiggy and the City?

    Where can I order - pref. online or by phone?

    TIA! :tup:
  2. Hi there, and welcome to the Bal forum! Regarding sizes, it depends on your height and stature, and how much stuff you'll be putting into your Bbag, I'd say, moreso than your age.

    As for pricing on the mini Twiggy and City, the mini Twiggy has been discontinued, but I think that pricing on that style was originally $895. The City retails for $1195.

    You should find a bunch of info regarding shopping for Bbags at If you live in the suburban DC area, Nieman Marcus at Tysons Galleria sells Bbags. Otherwise, Barneys, BalNY, Aloha Rag, Gretta Luxe, etc., are just a few of the boutiques/department stores that sell them.

    Good luck on your search!
  3. ^^ Thanks so much! I'm about 20-30 minutes away from Tysons so that's great news! Hm, the city's a bit expensive for me...the First is $995 right?

    I'm 5'1", 15 yrs old, and I don't carry all that much with me, just wallet, cell phone, keys, sometimes a camera and an iPod.
  4. Hi, then the First would be a good choice, and yes it's $995!
  5. I am 16 (nearly 17) and bought my first bbag at the end of last year in the sale. I have a blueberry courier and feel it is best size for my age and requirements as it holds a lot and can be worn across body which is great. If you are thinking of trying to save a bit of money and like some of the styles and colours from the spring collection you could wait until just after Christmas and most dep. stores have really good sales.

    You can also check out these authentic sellers: (really nice PFers site) (VERY good deals especially on days and maltelasse atm)
  6. OMG I went to Neimans @ Tysons Galleria yesterday and the Balenciaga First is the PERFECT size for me! I'm soo hooked on Bbags now....

    Too bad it's a bit expensive for me right now...I'm only 15 and I buy most of my bags... :s Dream listed! :nuts: