Balenciaga Newbie Questions!!!

  1. Hey everyone! I'm usually in the Hermes and Louis Vuitton forums but I'm starting to dabble into Balenciaga. I was wondering if any of you lovely ladies would know when the Coin Purses will be released with GH? Also will any of the men's bags (Besace, Extra Courier) will be released with GH? Thanks in advance!!!
  2. Anyone?!
  3. Poor Becks! Hang in there...I have a feeling most of the members are more familiar with women's bags than men's. Hopefully some people will get back to you. Have you tried calling BalNY to ask them?
  4. Thanks for a response! I can hold off on the men's bags but I'd REALLY like to know about the Coin Purses. When is the GH coming out?!!
  5. I'll call for you tomorrow while I'm at work if you'd like. I hate to have you answerless, and, heck, I made 15 calls today (on a busy day) to track down the bag I wanted. Just think what I can find out on a day with only a couple of meetings, like tomorrow.

    Congrats on your UC graduation!
  6. I know some wallets with GH are out, but haven't seen any gh coin purses around. :sad:

  7. kimberf- Thank you so much! :yes: That's so nice of you to do that!!! I :heart: TPF! And thanks for the graduation congrats!
  8. Hello Mr. Posh Spice! :smile:

    Check out this thread:

    I, too am very excited to see/buy a GH coin purse!

    I know nothing about the Men's Besace with GH, I am not sure it will exist or not. What about the Flat Besace with GH (Ladies)
    Would that be too small or too short a strap? Just a thought...

    Incoralblue will know the answer, I am sure he'll reply when he reads this.

    Can't wait to hear what KimberF discovers...:heart:

  9. OK -- here's the scoop I got. Forgot to ask the SA's name, sorry. Good news on the coin purses! GH coin purses should be coming very soon. "They will start to appear later this month, through about October." I assume by this she means that they'll be working their way through orders/distribution so some places will get them as late as October.

    I got a pretty resounding "no" when I asked about men's bags with GH. No plans in the works for that, apparently.
  10. Thanks kimberf! I totally owe you one! Thanks for helping me!!! Now I have something to look out for thanks again!