balenciaga newbie question about cleaning!

  1. hi guys, my name is sabrina and im a newbie to tPF ... some of you may know me on livejournal or eBay as themaskedmedea...

    anyway, i recently purchased two used and GORGEOUS balenciaga bags, a rouge day and a caramel classique, both from '05.

    my rouge day hobo really needs some cleaning up. the rolled handle is pretty dirty, and there are some dark spots near the bottom of the back of the bag. id also like to give them both a nice shining...

    also, i had to get new tassels for the caramel because the seller did not have the extra ones and had trimmed her tassels down. i ordered new ones from balenciaga and when i got them they were for the new caramel not the old caramel so they don't match... apparently, i can't get old caramel tassels according the SA i spoke to at balenciaga. so i'm thinking maybe i can take the tassel used for the mirror and use it on the zipper pulls and use the non-matching tassel for the mirror?

    i can't wait to hear from you guys :smile:
  2. Welcome to b-bag mania! :biggrin:

    Apple Garde is a good product to help you clean some of the dirt. It won't completely eliminate the stains but it will certainly lighten it.. at least from my own experience. I cleaned a corner of my calcaire twiggy with it from some dye rub and it took most of it out. You can get it at

  3. Hi Sabrina. I find that handles are pretty hard to clean. Especially if it has oils in it. Be careful not to scrub too hard as you could remove some color. Let us know how you make out.
  4. there was a girl on TFS who cleaned her dirty handles with a soft toothbrish and saddlesoap. I have no experience with cleaning dirty handles, so its caveat emptor, but it should be possible to make it a bit better!

    good luck!
  5. Thanks guys! I'll take the advice. So far I've tried q-tipps and just a very little bit of water on a small portion, and seems to take out some of the dirt. I'll definitely try the apple garde, as I already own some. Thanks folks!