Balenciaga Newbie needing help!!

  1. Hi Everyone, it's my first time in this part of the forum...because I've decided to dedicate my next bag purchase to Balenciaga! :yahoo:

    I'm needing urgent help as I'm getting quite lost in all the styles and colours...I have been considering getting a black city bag, but now after reading numerous threads and seeing fantastic bags modeled by everyone I'm not so sure anymore:push:

    I'm hoping I could ask for some advice and guidance from all the lovely tPFers who will have more wisdom than me in Balenciaga :p

  2. Hi, Misty! I'm somewhat of a newbie to Balenciaga, as well, and just love my black city bag. It's a perfect size for me and versatile enough to match most of my wardrobe. I have to admit the reds are truly catching my eye, though. I think black is always pretty safe, but go with what you feel is within your budget and that you will enjoy the most! Good luck and keep us posted.
  3. I like the City (a nice mid sized bag) or the First (smaller bag). Balenciaga colors are so pretty and vibrant, I find myself not getting neutral colors. I have many black Chanel bags, so with Bal I want color.

    Theres so many colors and styles to choose from, it really depends on what style works best for you (shoulder bag, hand held).
  4. Thanks for all your responses!

    cremebrulee: I love the bag you have in your avatar! What style/colour is it? And as for budget...I haven't even thought about it:push: How much do they usually cost?

    DD101: That's a great point you made! I guess I could go with a bit of colour:yes: I'm looking for both a hand-held and a shoulder bag...something that would be big enough to let me pile all of my junk in but not too big to dwarf me :rolleyes:
  5. How tall are you? That's how I've found a lot of people decide in here.. I think the City is a great starter bag. I just got my first and I got the Part Time, just because I wanted something a little bit bigger.
  6. i just got my first balenciaga bag on tuesday. i got the first. i love it, but i def want a city now. id say go with a city. it can hold alot more
  7. I'm about 157cm...Is that 5''1 or 5''2?

  8. Misty, I think the City would be a great bag for you, you need something large enough to hold all your stuff, yet not too large that it would swallow you up, size wise. Do you have a store that you can go to, to try the City on? It's hard to choose unless you can actually see it and try it on.
  9. I'm 5'1, and I absolutely love my black city. i get the most compliment when i use mine more than any other bag...........

    also makes a perfect starter bbag :smile:

    good luck deciding............
  10. Hmm.. I think it's up to you! Some girls who are shorter prefer the First because it's not overwhelming and too big. But I still say my vote goes for the City :tup::tup::tup:

  11. I would say if you tend to use larger bags go with the City! All of mine are cities - I am about 5' 3". I love my black city, but if you are looking for some color but don't want to be overwhelmed - how about ocean or violet? I have an ocean and it is the most amazing color of blue! Be warned......once you get one you will most certainly want another....and another....and another.....:yes:
  12. Hi, Misty! The purse in my avatar is an 06 Truffle First. I'm 5'0 and about 105 pounds and this size looks proportional to my body. While I do love theFirst, the shoulder strap is somewhat short and the First is not a bag that holds a lot of stuff. I have dark hair and really gravitate towards browns, blacks, and reds. After purchasing the First, I decided I needed a larger bag, but not too bulky. The City is just perfect. The shoulder strap fits me comfortably and the bag is larger than the First. I carry the City bag more as an everyday bag and my First as a "going out" bag. I think you would look great with any of the browns! If you do decide you want a punch of color, violet is really popular right now. I think it would go nicely with your dark hair and would give you something a bit more vibrant.
  13. Wow thanks everyone :flowers:

    DD101: Unfortunately I don't have a store in my country, which is a bit of a let down :sad:...although even more why I'm relying on everyone's advice :yes:

    cremebrulee: brown is a fantastic idea! And violet is my favourite colour :nuts:

    Glitz & Glanour: That's exactly how I felt when I purchased my first LV! :lol:
  14. Here's another vote for a Black City! I'm still in love with mine. The only other bags I've ever come close to loving as much are my Spy bags and Speedy, but this is giving them a run for their money! I agree with blu_77 that a Black City can be a great starter bag. I didn't even own a black bag and was looking for something with color, but after several trips to Barney's and hours in the Bal forum, I came home with black.
  15. my first b-bag was a black city too. for your first b-bag, try to find a neutral color bag that you know you would use. good luck in your decision. i know there is a lot of choices out there but go with the one you love.