Balenciaga Newbie Help needed

  1. Hi girls, finally I am ready to enter the Balenciaga world:yahoo: . Unfortunately I am being a bit confused with all the bag names..:confused1: I would like to buy an xl bag and a medium/small bag. My questions are:

    - what's the difference between the weekender and the work bag? I am thinking of buying one of them in you think i'll get fed up after a while of such a strong colour?

    - when you say "city bag" do you mean the motorcycle le dix bag? is it the same thing?

    - How did you chose your bag colour? With such a colour range it's so difficult!:shrugs:

    Thanks a lot:angel:
  2. Mambo I'm new to the Balenciaga world too. I'm so busy 'stalking' the Balenciaga threads and pics and trying to absorb it all, that this is my first post in this section, but it is slowly sinking in!
    Do you have a store nearby where you can try on these lovelys? (I don't :sad:) The hardest part for me is getting a good grasp of the colours. I *have* managed to narrow down to a city, though.
    The B gals here have a wealth of information (thanks guys!). Just read up all you can and cruise the photo section to get a feel for it all.
    Good luck....and hope we'll both be posting our new bags soon ;)
  3. Wow thanks MAS..that website is really usefull. I have a clear view of everything now!

    Katrina I live in Milan right now, so I think I'll go to the Bal shop and take a look.. :wtf:

  4. Oh half your luck!!!! Only one authorised store here, and it's on the other side of the country :confused1:
  5. Oh no.. I just found out that there is no Bal store in MIlano.. :yucky:

    I will have to look for shops which have some parts of the collection.. sob