Balenciaga New York...question please and replaced handles

  1. A couple questions and comments.. I bought a bag last june and the sealant was cracking when i got it so I sent it in to have them fix that and to repair some stitching that came loose. Received the bag back and they didnt fix anything so I have been waiting till i came to nyc.

    Anyway I went to see them today and they were very kind and said they would send the bag out to be fixed. When i asked how long, they said 2 -3 weeks bc they send it to paris to be fixed. I was very surprised to hear this bc i thought i read in reviews that they fix the purses instore. It amazes me that they would send all the purses to paris.

    In addition, i asked about handles getting dirty and he said that you can pay 100 dollars and they iwll replace and give you new handles!! how great is that!!
  2. Why didn't they do anything the first time you sent it to them? It's good news that they can replace the handles! I will now have less angst when I hold my balenciaga :yahoo:
  3. Wow, I had no idea that they would replace handles for only $100!!! That is really good to know!!
  4. This has to be a new thing. A PFer had her handles replaced last year and was told that Balenciaga won't do this ever again. It's great news if they do, and the cost is very reasonable, but considering what a chore it can be just to get spare tassles, I would be surprised if they indeed started offering this service. Would be great though! :girlsigh:
  5. That has got to be incorrect regarding the handle replacement. If it is correct, it's a huge revelation.

    Also, I sent my Blue India to Balenciaga for repair of the cracking/chipping sealant and they did a horrible job of it. Someone sloppily applied the sealant and even managed to stain my bag with the drippings of the sealant. I have subsequently repaired the sealant myself on two of my other Balenciagas and did a MUCH MUCH better job of it because I actually cared about the results.
  6. P.S. Balenciaga charged Neiman's $60 for the "repair" they did on my bag. I did not have to pay because my bag was still within Neiman's warranty. I know for a fact that Neiman's sent my bag to Balenciaga, because after about 6 weeks I called for a status update and Neiman's had to call Balenciaga to find out what was going on. Balenciaga apologized to Neiman's, saying that my repair had taken longer because it was "complicated." Complicated, my a$$!! It took me all of about 3 hours, total, to repair two of my bags myself (and that included the time for mixing colors to get the perfect color...which was really hard to achieve and in the end the color wasn't exactly right on my Vert D'eau, but I actually like the color I came up with better). ;)

    This is why I find it hard to believe that it only costs $100 to get the handles replaced. I suspect BalNY did my repair, and Bal Paris may be much more "high flight" with their repairs. If that turns out to be the case, I will always insist that they send my bag to Bal Paris for repair in the future (if I ever dare to send a bag in for repair again)!!

    MODS...I would appreciate it if you don't move or merge this thread to the subforum on maintenance & repair at least for a few days...this is something that needs to be front and center for awhile to get more feedback/information than it would get in the subforum. TIA!!
  7. I'd be interested to know for sure as well..

  8. How did you repaired the sealent yourself?
  9. Yes, those were my handles that were replaced last year, and I was told unequivocally that no way were they going to do that again and that they'd had a big meeting about it, etc. etc. and not to go telling people I'd had it done, etc. etc.
    Maybe they've had SO many complaints about the handles darkening so badly that they've changed the policy?
    I think not more than maybe two people should call and confirm this- probably best not to slam them with calls as that never goes well...
  10. I wonder what they tell other people. When I asked them what to clean it with, he said nothing and that it looked great. I thanked him and told him that was because i had been cleaning it with baby wipes when it got dirt on it.

    I then asked about handles and he said that they will replace the whole handle and when I said what about when the colors are discontinued, he responded that bal paris still has the leather and they can make them. I said could i even have them replaced in a couple years and his response was yes as long as it was less than 5 that they would have the colour. I really hope this is the case but I am very interested to hear if they really do do this.

    I am also a little nervous that they will do a bad job on my sealent. There is no excuse for them to do a bad job though so fingers crossed that it turns out ok
  11. I just called BalNY (repair department) about the handle replacement and they said they DO replace the handles. The fee is $150. He said it can take anywhere from 1 to 6 months to receive the handles in the color of your choice though. He took down all my information and put in an order for 06' Origan City handles. Once they get them in, then I send in the bag to BalNY. I really hope they put in the order and it's not just BS. One weird thing was he never asked for the color; just the year and style. Towards the end I mentioned the color and he said Origan was the only 06 color? Hmmm.
  12. My bag has been sent to BAL NY. I have had the bag less than a month and the leather was cracking. Purchased at Barneys. They would not exchange it and would only send it to NY to have them look at it. I am not even sure they will do anything.
    I am curious to hear others feedback with repairs on their bag..
  13. Hi Girls - I'm wondering has anyone actually had their handles replaced? I have an 05 black city and whilst the bag itself is still in v good condition despite being my "workhorse" hand bag, the handles are shot. The sealant has gone and I think a whole handle replacement is the only thing that will work. I live in Ireland though, but would happily (well....) would cope with sending the bag anywhere to solve the problem. Any advice???
  14. yikes all this handle business is a little scary... i hope this isn't too off topic but could somebody show me what darkened handles look like ??

    I only have one bal bag and it's a juane work, thus must be carried by the handles and it's a light colour :/ now I'm afraid my handles will darken !!