Balenciaga New Model - Part Time

  1. Has anyone seen this model? I saw onlt the pictures.The SA tells me it is a new model called part time... length of work size but 2/3 height of work's,. My trusty SA has put me on the list when Blue Roi comes in.:yahoo:
  2. omg omg omg

    I'm thinking Part Time Camel.

    Thanks for the pix, FF!!!!

    Lucid.... I hope it's "maybe sooner" for you!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. How exciting! I love Bleu Roi!:love:
  4. i need to see someone carrying it. wonder if it is too wide for me.
  5. I like the part time shape, it's a good addition to the Balenciaga family!
  6. Ooooo, I love it, I saw it on the website and I've been wondering what the name was! Thanks! I'll have to see if Aloharag has it when I go to Hawaii in November!
  7. i'm really liking this style alot as of right now and I can't wait to see how it looks.
  8. I was wondering how this compared because the Work overwhelms me a little (I'm 5'2) so this might be perfect!
  9. Actually that page was just updated a few weeks ago when she added the flat hobo and I'm not sure why there's a discrepancy w/the "last updated" date. The part-time is definitely new; I have yet to see anyone post a photo of one that they have in their posession...
  10. I was at Bal NY 2 weeks ago and they have part time caramel there. Bal NY also emailed me the pic. :yes:
  11. I like it but it's very similar to the city, actually too similar for my taste as I already have 2 cities and I couldn't justify the part time to DH. But I think it's a good alternative for people who want a slightly bigger bag than the city but not as big as the work.
  12. How much are the Part Time bags? Atelier says 995 but there is a British pound sign instead of dollar sign.
  13. I wonder if the Part Time has a bigger inside pocket then the city? The only thing I hate about the city is the size of the inside pocket.
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