Balenciaga near Galeries LaFayett in Paris?


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Feb 26, 2006
Wondering if we have Parisienes on the forum who can tell me if there is a Balenciaga store near Galeries LaFayette in Paris? I went to the one at George V the last time I was there, but can't remember how to get there from Nation. Any help is appreciated!


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Feb 28, 2006
Hi! I'm not a true Parisian but since noone else has answered yet I'll try to help.
There isn't a Bal boutique near LaFayette, but there is Printemps, just a block away. If you want to dedicate a morning to Bal searching you can go to Printemps first and then take the 9 line of the metro from the LaFayette station and to to Alma Marceau, it's just a minute away from Bal George V.
Nation is the end of the green lines, no? Either 2,3,9 I think? If you google Paris metro plan you'll find how to get to Alma Marceau from Nation...
Hope that helps you!! :smile:


Nov 24, 2006
I'm not a parisienne either, but I think I can help you. There are two main Bal boutiques in Paris, the one on Ave. George V and the one inside the department store Printemps. To get to Printemps from Nation, you can take the RER A to Auber and get off there. To get o the Bal boutique on Ave. Georges, it's easiest to take the metro ligne 1 to FDRoosevelt and then walk down ave. montaigne. A good place to get maps is on maps. Just type in the address and it will show you a map-- even in Paris! good luck!


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May 26, 2007
Hi, maybe will it be too late but some other information. the BAL printemps boutiques is small but Claire who is the SA is so cute and friendly. she will help if she can, but her stock is not very large. the nearest metro station to Ave george V boutique is Alma Marceau - there they have a hudge stock but are less friendly ! Have a look to Gas by Marie boutique near Bal one - lovely French jewels ! enjoy your shopping !


May 29, 2006
OK here is a real Parisienne :P

-Printemps (near from GL as Danae wrote/ metro Havre Caumartin Line 9) has the best selection IMO (better than Bal Paris GeorgesV / Metro Alma Marceau Line 9), and you'll find 2 corners there :
- the bigger at Printemps du Luxe (first floor so 2nd in the US) dedicated to bags
- a smaller one with Bal clothes (my ;) 2nd floor)

You'll also find a small selection :
- at Le Bon Marché with Bal Clothes (my 2nd Floor)/ Metro Sevres Babylone Line 12 or 10
- at l'Eclaireur rue des rosiers /Metro St Paul or Hotel de Ville both on Line 1

Bonne chance :yes:!!!