Balenciaga & Nail Polish. What polish are you wearing with your Balenciaga????

  1. These posts are great! Keep them coming :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. Here is a non-matching pairing photo (of argent with RBS's yellow fever) that I happened to have on my computer. My nails are a mess right now, but I love this thread and will contribute more when they are back in shape:blush:
  3. Cool thread, good idea Z&J! Here is my 06 Rouille City and I'm wearing China Glaze in a deep wine red color (sorry, can't remember the name). And iphone does not capture any of the colors just right, sorry about that too!

  4. When I started this thread a few days ago "FAV nail color = FAV bbag color!!!" it got moved to this thread as I am new and did not see this since it wasn't updated recently. It is amazing now to see all the pictures, and how the nails totally compliment their bbags! :smile:
  5. Here is my festive St. Patrick's Day pairing... ombre green nails in Chanel jade, Urban Outfitters green number 3 and 4, Rescue Beauty orbis and recycle with my new tomate coin purse:winkiss:
    tomate7.jpg smtomate1.jpg
  6. Love your greens! Which nail is which color?

  7. This is a great thread :tup:. I love nail polish. It's an easy way to make a statement without being too out there. Your nail polish can say a lot about your personality!
  8. Saira1214, the Chanel jade is on my pinkie and the two shade of UO green are on the ring finger and middle, the Rescue Beauty Orbis is on index and recycle on thumb (those two are very similar shades and you can't see recycle in these pics, actually). On a side note.... I just noticed on eBay that Chanel Jade is going for as much as $200 a bottle now! Yikes! So glad I ordered mine the day it came out... wish I bought more than one now.
  9. Oh, I love that post !

    Here I am, Chanel 505 Particulière, which I have been wearing since I got my black city. I love that combo !


    (It looks darker in the picture than IRL)
  10. I love Chanel 505 Particulière, it goes with just about anything.
  11. Me too! It is one of my very favorites. Here is my new pic of particuliere and praline....wish my nails were in better shape right now though!
  12. Chemosphere : I just love your ring !

    Chanel Particulière looks great with every black/grey/beige/brown colors ! I hope they will continue it next season, altough there is almost no hope...
  13. agree it is a fabolous colour ...i love it with my galet work
  14. :love::love:wow chemosphere!!![​IMG]particulière+ praline=stunning combo!!
  15. thebestchicken, thanks for the compliment on my ring. It is a vintage Pianegonda, and was a birthday surprise this past year from my husband... he has great taste and knows my style well!:tup:

    CHLOEGLAMOUR, thanks to you too! For months now, I have been imagining how great particuliere would look with galet.... it just makes me want to find something in galet all the more! I love your galet SGH work... so pretty!