Balenciaga & Nail Polish. What polish are you wearing with your Balenciaga????

  1. WOw,great thread and fab nail-polish girls!!!:tender::woohoo:
  2. sooooo beautiful..:heart:

  3. here is my 09 charbon courier and chanel haute chocolate nail polish. i think its a pretty good match!

  4. Wow, that is a perfect match!
  5. :tup:LOVE this thread! I can't believe how the colors match so perfectly! I don't have a b-bag at the moment but do have a blueberry on layaway and do have some OPI russian navy. Wonder if that will match? Keep the pics coming, love em!
  6. Russian Navy would look great also Starry Starry Night by Essie.
  7. Ooooooh that is gorgeous!
  8. Gorgeous
  9. jem, another beauty!:heart: do you take the bag when you shop for that particular color?
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  11. Love all the pictures ladies!

    *Jem* I have the same nail polish! I must get a Charbon bag! That is a perfect match! Love it!
  12. lol. nope it was pure luck! I bought the Chanel polish early fall and just got my charbon courier.
  13. Good thinking, Batman! Great excuse to get a new bag :lol:
  14. SO PRETTY! I wish I didn't bite my nails lol!
  15. What color polish goes with an anthra bag?