Balenciaga Muffler Bag - do you like it?

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  1. [​IMG]

    never saw this style before, do you like it?
    I think it is cute and it would keep your hands worm in winter-time ;)
  2. I think this is from the Fall/Winter 2007 Collection. I have one in black, and I wear it to college football games. That is the only time it sees the light of day! Thanks for reminding me about this bag - I need to use it during our remaining days of winter here - lots of snow here, and it would be great to throw a few essentials in, and wear with my black Bal jacket. :smile:
  3. ooh cool LG!
    you should post some modeling pics with it someday, I bet it looks adorable on you =)
    didn'T know it is from 07!
  4. I'll wear it today and post photos later!
  5. great thank you :tup:
  6. ?? It looks like a seat warmer. Is that what it is?
  7. Sorry, I do not like this! No offence to those who have this bag, but it's not my cup of
  8. lol no offence taken... I prefer the original only leather bbags too, but something about it looks so adorable to me ... that's why I am looking forward to it modeled by LG :smile:
  9. would love to have this one in black for the long and snowy winter this year
  10. Might be useful in all this snow!
  11. I guess most people wear gloves to keep warm instead of using muffs these days, but tell that to the elite designers! I've always thought it was funny that Chanel, Balenciaga and others were so into the concept. But LG, since you have it, it would be perfect for a game. You definitely can't use it while driving. Maybe for a horse-drawn sleigh ride through all the snow? I had a pink fuzzy one when I was a little girl and I thought it was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It wasn't quite as edgy as Balenciaga, just more like wearing cotton candy. Stay warm!
  12. lol it looks like a [​IMG]not my cup of tea
  13. ^^ lol :lol:
  14. I think i like it because i get transferred to my girlie childhood side... it is so adorable to imagine to keep my hands warm inside:smile:
  15. It's okay. It looks like the inside of my UGGs. (No offense to those who owns one) I would be too scared to use it because it might get dirty!