Balenciaga motorcycle first, city bag?

  1. I took my fiance to Barneys again today to show her the Balenciaga that I like. She like it as well but she prefer a more rigid-form handbags. I really like the leather of Balenciaga. However, I'm a little bit confused about the model name now. An SA show us some styles and explain to me that a smaller one that I like is called Motorcycle bag and the larger one is called city??? They both look identical except one is larger than another. So, what is the correct name of the bag? Are they both motorcycle but one is called city because it is larger?

    Balenciaga model seem a little bit confusing to me but I like that they have so many color for you to choose :yes: The leather seem very nice but somehow give me the feeling of an older bag and very thin but very nice. The SA also told me that they leather is quite delicate and should not be used under rain at all. does anyone use something like leather protection spray to protect the leather from water?

  2. the small is called a 'first' or 'classique'

    the large is the city

    you can use apple guard to spray the bag for protection from rain and stain =)
  3. the line of bags that is most discussed on here is called the motorcycle line. the small bag is the classique and the medium is the city. both of these have an extra shoulder strap in addition to the handles for carrying purposes. the large is called the work- it doesnt have a shoulder strap, and neither does the extra large version called the weekender.
  4. Try this link:

    atelier.naff: Balenciaga motorcycle style reference

    It's a wonderful resource for Bbag sizes, and actually, just BBags in general!

    Lots of girls here use the AppleGuard protector. Balenciaga apparently syas that your bags don't need any special treatment, so I personally haven't used anything on it.
  5. yeppers, i haven't used anything on mine yet & i take my black twiggy & black work out in the rain all the time & they're fine ;)
  6. Thanks :smile: I found a metalic silver (supposedly 2005 model) with silver hw the best. But the SA told me that someone actually bought that bag and never actually pick it up??? Already paid for an everything. So does anyone know if there is another model that have silver hardware available this year?

    Other than the metalic silver, my fiance like the orange (kinda like reddish orange) color. Look very nice but the metalic silver look very cool.

  7. How sweet that you are going to buy your girl a Balenciaga : )

    The silver hardware was produced on bags from Fall/Winter in 2002, all in 2003 and Spring/Summer of 2004.They also have done silver hardware for the Ponyhair bags and the Damask bags of 06. You could wait and scour eBay for a silver hardware bag, they do pop up, but other than that, it's pretty much brass hardware all the way.

    If the colour you saw was more a deeep orange, it's from S/S 06 and is called Rouille, if the colour you saw was a bright red, it's from F/W 06. Both of them will have the brass hardware.

    I wish you well,

  8. Wait is anyone else worried that someone pulled a buy-and-switch/return to the store this gentleman is purchasing the bag from? Four years is a loonnnggg time for a store to have a bag sitting around in the stockroom, no?
  9. or do you mean these?




    as for silver hardware, i discovered to my delight yesterday that they use it on the men's bags but the colour range is more limited and they're all big bags.
  10. Okay - does anyone else remember a while back a post about a fake b-bag that was sold from Barney's (or maybe it was purchased on ebay from someone that got it at Barney's?
    I'm really concerned someone is scamming this guy. (Or maybe the SA just doesn't know what she's talking about - as usual!)
  11. i remember that, but there was a silver from last winter season with silver hardware, and I think there were still a few floating around in backrooms and the such, but you just had to ask for them. BalNY had a bunch of magenta bags a month and a half ago, and those are from a year ago as well. so it is possible!
  12. i never used any protection on my b-bags, but i must admit once i got my eggplant drenched in rain, i was trapped in the rain with no place to shelter, i was so worried about my bag. the colour was darken because of the water, but when i got home, i put it under my air conditioner to dry the water, and the colour got back how it was :girlsigh:
    but i never had my lighter colour b-bags caught up in the rain though :P
  13. I thought I read somewhere that spray type guards didn't work or was bad I should say for b-bag leather.