Balenciaga motorcycle bag pricing......

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  1. i've been thinking about getting a Balenciaga motorcycle bag for awhile and after seeing cristina's beautiful new green balenciaga i'm pretty sure it's the bag for me.......i've been wanting a paddington but i feel like a balenciaga's more me.....stll not sure but i was wondering if you guys could help me out with the various retail prices/sizes of the motorcycle bag?....thank u guys soso much in advance.....
    and i saw some of u guys have the beautiful pewter one.....did u get them from the balenciaga boutique?......
    and one last u guys with balenciagas have problems with the leather?.....i some a few at neiman the other day and the leather kinda seemed like it was about to crack into a million crumbly little bits....i know if i bought a bag and a few years later it just dissolved under my fingers, i'd die :cry:
  2. We must have passed each other in NM. I picked up a mini grey which did look like that but the others looked just fine. The leather feels thin but soft and wonderful! I think you would have that bag for many years. Wait a few weeks they said a new shipment would be comming in so you may be able to get one that looks less distressed.
  3. do specific colors just come with the distressing or do they look distressed because they've gotten wrinkly?......i'm sosososo anal about my bag i drive my friends/family/boyfriend crazy and i don't know if i can deal with the distressed look....
  4. I am pretty sure that they are distressed from the get-go, but do soften with age. I am going to search for the thread I started, where Irissy posted the Balenciaga prices, so I can post them here for you :biggrin:
  5. Okay, found it. Here is what Irissy posted in the thread I started a couple of weeks ago.

    Hope this helps! :biggrin:
  6. Which NM's were you at in NJ?
  7. cristina thank u soso much that helps alot.....i hope u have lotsa fun with ur new bag.........

    and SuLi i was at the NM in paramus.......they had in lotsa new bags.....fendi spy bags, gucci, dior, a few balenciagas..........
  8. i have the pewter and it's a different kind of leather, very smooth, no cracks. i don't have any other one though. but if you want a close up of the leather on mine, let me know.
  9. hey ya!

    i rang the Balenciaga Store today, to order my B-BAG!!! wee hee! Anyway, i asked about the leather and the SA said that they still make all the bags up to their high quailty standard and there is nothing to worry about. :biggrin:

    You should go into Balenciaga if you're close buy and have a look!!! They've got stock in at the moment! :biggrin:

    I hope this helps in some way;)
  10. I have one that is made of the "new" leather. It is crackly and it is a little glossy. I love it though. It is the only one I have so I have nothing to compare it to. Here is a pic of it. Maybe you can compare it with Fayden's to see the difference.
  11. here is a close up of my bag

  12. fayden thanks so much for your pictures....ur bag is even more gorgeous close up and th eleather looks smooth and supple like you said......can i ask where you got yours and what season it's from?....
  13. sorry if this is a silly question but i have only just started my research on the B-bag. I notice that some of them have longer shoulder straps that you can attach to the bag. Which models have the shoulder straps?

    Also, can anyone with the B-bag post a pict of someone (or yourself!) carrying the bag on the shoulder? Thanks!
  14. The models with shoulder straps are: classique, city classique, and twiggy.
  15. i believe it's from fall 2005 metallic editions. i bought it from personalshoppers, but it was the only one she had. i think amanda scored one, from ebay used once or twice for 800 bucks. i'm going to check ebay if they have one up...