Balenciaga Motorcycle bag in Pink

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  1. Looks like an 04 Rose city!
  2. Wow, an '04 rose city with no reserve...
  3. So....real??? I can't believe the price! I want it!! Safe to bid?
  4. It looks authentic to me!
  5. ok, I trust the pros!!! Thanks!!!
  6. I don't know how the seller is. The bag in the pics is authentic, but titles and descriptions like that one that seem like they don't really know what they have makes me hesitate.
  7. _____

    I know...I kind of feel the same way when I see auctions like this. Esp with the picture stealing going on with eBay sellers. But on the other hand, could be that someone got the bag as a gift or similar and they just have no idea what they really have! It's so hard to tell with eBay.

    Also, when I see things like 'never worn but the tassels split and the mirror is worn 'from sitting in my closet'...I have to kind of scratch my head. The description also says USED. But then it says Never Worn. Hmm. :s
  8. aww...don't tell me that, I just bid! How in the heck can anyone be sure? It looks so good, maybe she doesn't realize what she has? Maybe the used part is that someone else gave, sold whatever to her? Should I just fly over and look at it in person - hee hee?
  9. It's possible... She got it as a gift and doesn't know she has an '04 rose city. :rolleyes: Descriptions like that just make me nervous cause it sounds just like descriptions fake bag sellers write... you know? Like "Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Pink" like they don't really know anything about it. It might be fine, but stolen pics and bait and switch are possible, so just be careful and pay with a secure payment method if you win.
  10. It looks so pretty in the pictures! I added it to my watch list just in case, I think I might bid!
  11. wow....this is one beautiful bag...i so tempted by it =)
  12. I thought the same thing!! Something aobut this one makes me nervous. That's not that rose that was reworked and redyed by LMB's is it?
  13. :yes: :yes: yep, me too.:confused1:
  14. I'm reaalllly scared now, I will just let everyone else outbid me, there's like 15 bids! I was toooo hasty huh!? Waaaahhhh - I reallly wanted a rose city (and a cornflower!) I have emailed her about the never used part vs the worn part, we'll just see how she responds.