Balenciaga Mini

  1. Does anyone here own a mini bbag? What are your thoughts on this style, as an evening/going out bag? I think they are so darn cute :love:
  2. As an evening bag, I think its adorable :smile:
  3. I've seen it, and frankly its very small. Maybe as an evening purse if all you have is a cell phone, credit card and lipstick to put in it.
  4. I've seen a teal mini twiggy IRL. It's ridiculously cute with the tiny little hardware but it is utterly small and definitely more suitable for evening as it will only hold the essentials... although I think the clutch would be better for that purpose.
  5. If I had disposable income and a cute niece, I'd get one in magenta or bubblegum pink for her.
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