Balenciaga mini city or celine nano ??

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  1. I am looking for a mini bag and im eyeing those 2 from a long time but i cant really decide, i need it most as shoulder bag and sometimes crossbody so the strap shouldnt be so long !! Dolls your opinion, please!!
  2. I just discover this model of balenciaga but online i cant find it.. Do you know what the name of the model?? There is any mod pic here ??

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  3. :graucho:.............
  4. That is the Tube crossbody bag. Very pretty.
  5. It will depend on what style ur looking to go into, I myself will personally gravitate towards the mini balenciaga because it has that casual and cute look and feel while the nano is more refined and classy and a bit more lady like. In terms of price, the balenciaga wins. It also depends on style of clothing, r u usually all about casual and simple or more ladylike? These are some things to consider. As for the bal Tube bag, it is a pretty good looking bag, but it cannot be compared to both of the models you originally wanted. Hope this helps...
  6. I would pick the mini-City. The nano (from what I hear anyway) is already becoming dated, and some say is on its way "out" from being the It bag. Meanwhile, the mini-City is not in danger of that since I do not think it has/had It bag status (which works in its favor) -- and is in fact a mini version of one of the ultimate Bal classics. Also - I just prefer the way the mini-City looks much more :biggrin:

    My 2 cents :biggrin:
  7. I prefer the size and proportions of the Nano than the Mini City. I think that the Mini City looks like a toy bag or something for kids. Sure, Celine's Luggage was the latest It bag, but I like the smooth streamlined look and stitching/craftsmanship of the Nano than the craftsmanship of the Mini City (looks too bulky because all the details are so condensed onto the tiny surface of the bag).
  8. i really do like both bags. for me, if i were to get one or the other, i'd go for the mini city.
  9. I am new here. I have been lurking for some time, and viewing posts as a guest. This is my first post, so please be gentle. :smile:

    I do not think the Mini City looks like a toy bag. I think it is very cute and at the same time sophisticated. I would pick the Mini City. I am thinking of getting one for myself too. :smile: