Balenciaga Mini City Metallic Edge Reveal + What Fits!

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  1. I have been debating whether to get the Mini City or the Town for nearly a year, and I finally bit the bullet and got the Mini City! I love the shape of the Mini City more and I don't really carry a lot everyday.
    IMG_4470x.jpg So here it is! I edited the picture and lightened the shadows, so you can see how gorgeous the grain on this bag is. Balenciaga goat leather is the best :heart:
    IMG_4471x.jpg So here's what I carry on a daily basis. They all fit comfortably and I can still fit a small umbrella or a small foldable shopping bag.
    As you can see, I still have some wriggle room left.

    For those wondering, a naked iPad Mini DOES fit, however this does limit the bag's capacity. I've found that it's also quite difficult to put my iPad Mini 4 back inside after I take it out.
    However, a Kindle Voyage (in a case) fits very comfortably and I have no difficulty getting it in and out.
    With the iPad Mini inside, I was still able to fit my blotting sheets, wet ones, pad, wallet, keys, earphones, hand sanitizer and external battery.
    Overall, this bag is soooo comfortable as a crossbody bag especially for shopping trips or even as an everyday bag if you don't carry a lot. The goat leather is extremely sturdy as well.
    Hope this helps!
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  2. Congrats! It's a beauty!!!
  3. Gorgeous bag! Thanks for showing us what fits in it as well, a mini city metallic edge is on my wishlist :biggrin:
  4. Congrats!! I have a mini city too- love it!
  5. The leather looks really beautiful. Congrats on your new beauty!! :heart:

  6. Thank you everyone! :heart:
  7. The black chèvre leather looks just gorgeous in the metallic edge. Thank you for the wonderful photos. I have a question. When you're carrying the bag by the strap, do the handles fold down flat against the body of the bag, the way handles do on regular City or Town bags? Or do they stick out a bit? I ask this because I've heard this as a complaint on another thread about the new Small City bag, and I wondered if it was just because the leather was still stiff and it would stop being a problem once the leather softened up.
    Thanks in advance, and again congrats on your gorgeous new bag!:smile::heart:
  8. Pretty! Congrats!
  9. Ahh I love this bag! I've been looking at it for myself and I'm glad you shared a what fits too, because it really shows how much space there is. Enjoy your new bag!
  10. G
    WOW MAJOR CONGRATS grumpiepat(cute name!!) Your bag looks AMAZING & all of your pics are killer fabulous...Thanks so much for posting all of them, especially what fits inside as I keep debating on a mini city or the new small city size. :heart:
  11. image.jpeg
    Hi! The handles don't lay flat because of how tiny the spaces are between the studs. I'm guessing the small city might have the same issue unless they make the studs smaller (like in the Hip, from what I've seen in photos).
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    Had I known that Balenciaga was coming out with the small city, i *might* have gotten that instead! It seems like a good size without being toooo small. But i'm content with my mini for now :smile:)) I found a picture of a comparison between the different sizes of the Cities. Hope this helps!
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  13. Thanks so much for posting this pic of all 3 sizes! The new small size sure is intriguing is a good way! Many Congrats again on your new bag:flowers::heart:
  14. That photo is super helpful. Thanks so much!:smile: