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  1. I'd choose the gold, but both are pretty. :smile:
  2. Which one did you end up getting? They're both lovely :smile: I agree the gold stands out more, especially from a distance. I can definitely aesthetically appreciate the gold, but e.g. I'd choose silver for myself just because I generally prefer silver to gold - which just goes to show how much the final choice can depend on individual factors and versatility! Which metal goes better with your skintone, whether you tend to wear more gold- or silver jewelry/accessories, which would best compliment your wardrobe and so forth.
    But in the end...perhaps it's whichever truly calls out to your heart the most!
  3. It sounds like you've made your decision but are torn over the price difference. If the price was the same, would you choose silver? If the answer is no, don't let $300 sway your decision. Over time, that $300 will be insignificant if you love the bag you get!

    You can't go "wrong" with either one, they're both perfect... I do agree the silver looks a tad more edgy and casual whereas black with gold will always be more dramatic and elegant (but also highly utilitarian... it's not "too" formal).
  4. Was at nordstroms and SA held both for me ... Sharing

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  5. I so wish they'd sell black with silver in the UK!! We don't have it in Europe apparently. Very annoying.

  6. Why do I think now the ME looks way better on guys? I have the silver one, IMO it looks better on him than me.
  7. I ordered the gold one ...but the silver one really looks good it's just that I already so many black / palladium bags :sad:

    Beachkaka my SA is just so adorable ...
    He even has slimmer legs than me ... Lol
    No don't be disheartened ... I'm sure you rock yours !
  8. Rosie is rocking it too!
    BTW hers are silver right ?

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  9. My final decision is the gold one, definitely!

    You're right, shouldn't let $300 sway my decision. I decided to buy it in the Direct selling store for the receipt, so that can get Balenciaga's maintain. And there will not be the price diference any more.

    Thanks for the recommends from all of you!!

  10. Hahahaha sooooo cute!! Struggle between the hardware color.