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  1. Hi friends, I'm planning to buy a BALENCIAGA METALLIC EDGE MINI CITY but it takes me almost a month to think about the HARDWARE COLOR.

    I really love the gold one, it's gorgeous. But the silver one is well worth a second look and costs less $300 than the gold one. I'm really hesitating which should I get. Please give me some comments, thanks!!!

    (Photo from Purseblog)

    Attached Files:

  2. For me, gold makes a bag look more elegant while the silver more casual. Also, is there one that maybe goes better with your skin tone?
  3. Both are pretty.....but I prefer the gold. :heart:
  4. Gold!
  5. Gold!
  6. I prefer the Gold, but .. why is the silver one less expensive? .. that doesn't make any sense, they should be the same price!
  7. Silver:smile:
  8. Stuck firmly on the fence (ouch!) But your first words are "I really love the gold one, it's gorgeous". If it's the price that's holding up your choice (and it's weird that there should be a difference) think of what will ultimately make you happiest!
  9. Black with gold!
  10. Totally agree w/ StefaniJoy's comments! Great advice on skin tone as well!
    I personally love the gold on this one. Good luck deciding!:smile:

  11. I think the gold one is more popular on some websites.
  12. I know, but because of the unreasonable high price of the department store in my country, im goning to buy one on website (not the official website) and there is a price difference.
  13. I personally prefer the silver, but I usually do. I am definitely more of a silver hardware person.
  14. gold!
  15. I love he silver but I think either way you can't lose