Balenciaga metallic edge City in abyss blue, or Chloe Marcie in royal navy?

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  1. I'm going back and forth between these two bags, any opinions either way?

    I'm mainly looking for versatility and timelessness; something that will easily transition from work to weekend, and hopefully hold up over time.

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  2. Both would serve your purposes. The Bal has stood the test of time design-wise, more so than the Marcie, although the Marcie is a very attractive and classic shape. I think the Bal has more oomph and at least some edginess, whereas the Marcie is more sedate. Go with vibe--which is more you?
  3. Two of my favourite bag styles....the metal edge feels more contemporary/modernistic (to me) and Chloe is beautiful and very feminine.
    thats my vibe but i agree with jellyv go with your heart/vibe.
    Both are gorgeous in their own way...enjoy choosing..
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  4. Thanks for your input! I already own a bal City and love it, but I don't have a Marcie yet so I threw that into consideration for some variety. I have a very casual, sleek, and simple style so I think the bal would fit my vibe more. The Marcie has more of a boho vibe going on.

    I'm going to the boutiques in person later this week so I'll try them on.
  5. I can't personally attest to this, but I have beard that the Marcie is a pretty heavy bag. Good luck deciding!
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  6. I have a Bal Town bag and had the Marcie but sold it. The Marcie is gorgeous but way too heavy and bulky for me. Both are beauties for sure though.
  7. Thanks, it's always good to get insight from those who own the bags. The bulkiness was my concern about the Marcie. I'm 5'1'' so many purses overpower my frame. I love the slim profile of my bal. I'll probably get the bal then!
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