Balenciaga Messenger!

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  1. Hi all! I've been seriously thinking about purchasing a men's day (messenger) bag in either Ink or Olive. I would love some advice towards which color you would prefer and any info on the bag itself.. all oppinions are appreciated, thanks:flowers:
  2. i have the flat messenger (which has been discontinued). Really a great bag- you can't go wrong with a messenger. I completely abuse it and it just looks better and better. i don't think you could go wrong with either color. let us know what you decide.
  3. I'm voting for the olive (but then I'm biased - I don't really like blue) :P
  4. Ink by a landslide! I think it's a much more interesting color than the olive, it has depth and variation and changes in different lights. And I'm someone who generally likes greens a lot more than blues.
  5. im a bit bias (check my profile pics :yes:), but id say go with the ink!

    when i bought my messenger, i originally wanted to buy it in black, but barnyes only had it in olive, ink, and truffe, and i went with the ink, no second thoughts, no questions asked. its really such a beautiful bag, and besides on these forums, you'll never see anyone else besides yourself with this bag, in this color :P

    also, ive seen some gorgeous olive bags on this forum, but i dont think it works really well on the messenger having seen it in person next to the ink, where as ink is IMO the perfect color for this bag!

    here some pics of my ink, the first one is when i got it, the second is a picture after its aged and been put to use:

    b bag photoshoot 009 (2).jpg 1014061615.jpg
  6. I'd vote for ink! Lovely, interesting colour (and I'm not that fond of blues, normally). Go for it!

    And I forgot to say, dont blow - your messenger is gorgeous!!!