balenciaga matelasse as a first bbag?

  1. ok~ so i am a vuitton fan~ but lately~ i'm really liking the matelasse in blanc :nuts: i luv the quilted leather and it just looks soooooo soft~~ and i am having a growing passion for bal bags too!~ :graucho:
    now the question... would it be weird to get a matelasse as a first bbag~ or should i really start with a first, city or parttime? i like them too~ but the matelasse is gorgeous! :drool:

    ok~ so i think i've just answered my own question~ lol~ but some advice from all you b-pros would be helpful :tup: i'm just a newbie to this forum :rolleyes:
  2. I love the matelasse style and think it would be gorgeous for a first bbag! Follow your heart on this one.
  3. It was my first bbag and I love it!!!
  4. That would make a great 1st bag... Buy what YOU love.
  5. The aquamarine matalasse is my first b-bag and I'm very happy with it. The color is beautiful and it is really soft. I may get a city or a first if I get another.
  6. I don't see why you shouldn't get the bag you love as your introduction to the brand! I think it'd make a fabulous first bag!
  7. ITA with the others - get what you love! The Matelasse has some fantastic features - the super shiny silver hardware, the softness of the pillowy quilted leather - but very best of all the quilted mirror!
  8. it's a wonderful bag! classic, yet it still has an edge. I love mine! go for it!
  9. I think I'm going to get one soon, too! Always buy what YOU love!
  10. thank you girls!! :yahoo: great to hear that some of you do get the matelasse as a first bbag!!~ :tup:

    i shall be putting my order in very soon :graucho:

    kymara ~ yesss!! wat caught my eye first was the quilted mirror :nuts: sooooo cute!!
  11. Hi - did you make up your mind?

    Is a bag on the way?
  12. I am looking at Matelasse bags too... quilted is so in right now. :smile:
  13. the sa at aloha rag said that the violet ones are really cute in this bag.
  14. hi!~ yes i have made up my mind and i will get the matelasse in blanc~ but i'm just waiting until the 10th comes along to put my order in! by then my cc should be partially paid off ready for a new purchase :graucho:
  15. i totally agree starsnhevn! its great for winter!