Balenciaga Manila

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  1. I will be travelling this April to Manila and would like to go see the new Balenciaga store. Does anyone know what they have in stock and the price of the bags. I am looking for a city but haven't decided on the color yet.
  2. I don't know the prices to the dot but this is an estimate:
    First P68,000
    Twiggy P62,000
    City P72,000
    Giant City P88,000

    I'm really not sure! But I think I'm pretty sure about the First and the City :smile:
  3. can anyone update the prices for these?
    Also if anyone knows how much the City is beyong sold for in Japan Boutiques
  4. got my raisin SGH city last june 2009 for P 93,498.00
  5. I was just at the Balenciaga store yesterday in Greenbelt 5 Makati City (Philippines) and sadly there are limited stocks available. No City, Twiggy or First styles now. They have the Day, Giant City styles and with very limited colors only. The sales rep said that new stocks will come in by February or March. For info, the Day bag I saw costs about
    PhP54,000+ or about USD1150.
  6. thanks for the info! i wonder if the next shipment will already include the rose gold hardware bags...hhhmmm
  7. got a tx from balenciaga arrivals.pre spring/summer 2010
  8. balenciaga texted me and they already have the rose gold hardware bags.but im still on purse banned.
  9. Here's an updated list of prices (give or take a few hundred pesos):

    City RH is Php80,000
    City GSH is Php102,000
    Day RH is Php54,000
    Day GSH is Php71,000
    PT GSH Php 104,000
  10. thanks shilohnouvel! they increased prices already! gh city was just around 99k early this year... and i bet they will increase again after the may 1 worldwide price increase!

    our local currency is doing quite well against the USD and Euro so i cant understand why they keep on increasing prices! argh
  11. I was at the Greenbelt location in Makati a few weeks ago. Stock was limited and the prices were a notch more expensive than here in the US. I did visit two reputable consignment stores and they were also pricey. Not worth the drive, but if you'd like the numbers to call and see what they have, I can try to find them.
  12. They increased their prices last December (when the S/S 10 pre-collection arrived). They claim that it's because of the exchange rate between the Euro and the peso. But considering that the peso is curently strong against the Euro and the dollar), shouldn't they now lower the prices? Hehehe :graucho:
    I just don't know if they will increase their prices again on May 1. The next time I get a chance, I'll ask and update this thread :biggrin:
  13. Stock is really limited at Bal Gbelt since they order only 1 piece per color/style every time. And the "hot" colors/styles usually disappear within a week from the time they arrive. If I want a particular bag, I have to go to the store as soon as I receive a text message of the new arrivals. Also, they're nice enough to reserve bags for me over the phone if I'm unable to go to the store.
  14. yup i know they increased prices last dec, a friend bought her city for 99,700 in jan.. now price is 102,00... that is still a 2,000 increase... hayst
  15. i asked how much the rggh city is yesterday, and the sa told me it was 96k :confused1: