Balenciaga "Makeup" Clutch

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  1. B-bag fans/interested parties... Should I get a Balenciaga clutch? What color would you get it in? (Lilac, green, red, blue, etc...)

    Any and all advice would be appreciated! :amuse:

    Oh, and the bag's like $400 something, I think.

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  2. I like the red, it's really cute and bold. But $400 for a clutch?? :weird:
  3. i would love to look up the store that you are purchasing it from. Im intrested my self. Could you tell me where to buy it?

    I love the blue
  4. Hey Sweet,

  5. i think it's adorable in all favorites are blue and lilac....a little over priced but i'd get it supposed to come with a strap like this?
  6. As much as I like B-bags (I've got two) I'm not really a fan of the clutch. Also, it seems like an awful lot of $$$ for such a small bag, but that's JMO.
  7. jc, I think that's the wristlet bag (If I'm right, its the same shape but comes w/ a strap, and is $200 more)

    Yeah, it is pretty expensive... But the more I look at it the more I like it. Part of me (the practical part) is wondering what I'd use it for, though. I guess I'll keep mulling... it's awfully pretty...
  8. really cute, but really expensive. wouldn't buy it for that price... i saw some when i went to the balenciaga store. didn't know they were THAT much! they had them pinned on the wall as more like decoration pieces than anything else... but no strap attached.

  9. actually i thought they were coin purses?
  10. Are they? I actually don't know... but I like it.

    What do you think about lilac? Too light? I'm thinking about a green one, kinda like the one Julianne Moore wore to the Oscars. What do you guys think?

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  11. the green one is so pretty! i actually think it's pretty cute...i mean it looks like it would be the same size as an lv mini sac hl and that's $330 (i think?) but this is all leather and much cuter for $100ish more...

    if this is the makeup, ateliernaff says it's $455
  12. I visited the site that you mentioned and I love their photo of the red first!! That gives me an idea how the winter red will look like. Yay... I want one!!
  13. How big are they- like the same as a LV pochette?
  14. Balenciaga's just don't do it for me... Something about those "strings."
  15. I like both red and blue shades:biggrin: is that cornflower blue??