Balenciaga Makeup Case at my MJM

  1. I went in to browse shoes at my local MJM store today, and noticed that they had a Balenciaga makeup bag in their small high-end designer case. It was a dark green color (sorry there's no way I can identify its exact name, I just started learning about Balenciagas last week). The price was $119 which seemed like a very good deal.
    The woman who works there told me they had some black ones in the back, and there was big drama over them, because a woman bought them and then returned them claiming they were fake. The store employee told me that they definitely don't sell fakes, that they get all the stuff through corporate (but she did not know their supplier, I assume that like their shoes its last season stuff that didn't sell in department stores).
    So I looked at the bag, but my fake vs. real skills are did have all the little cards as well as a dustbag, which I know does not guarantee authenticity but seemed like a good sign. I would have bought it and taken pics, but their designer accessories are all final sale.
    I guess the point of this is....did I pass up a great deal on something I could have used and/or sold on eBay for a profit? Have any of you purchased designer bags from MJM and had any authenticity issues?
  2. MJM is a shoe store, it is sort of like a DSW..they carry shoes, belts & handbags (mostly mid-range stuff)
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  3. mods- can you lock/delete/remove store name from this post? I was just informed that having the store name in the post is bad. I apologize, did not know! thanks!