Balenciaga Makeup bag.....

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  1. I've been calling stores trying to find a Balenciaga black makeup bag: well I think I found one, but the woman told me the price was $385.00. I thought makeup bags were more? She kept saying: you've seen the Prada makeup? It looks like that!" (her english was not very good). So I thanked her and told her I would looks some more.

    So that bag do you think she was talking about? SOS!
  2. Em...isn't the CP with GH retails for that much?
    Perhaps it's that one she was refering to?
  3. ^^Is that how much it retails for?
  4. p.s. and I told her I was looking for regular hardware - so I don't know what on earth she was talking about. I'm going to call back tomorrow and talk with another SA!
  5. I don't think so... the RH CP is $285/295 and the GH is like $355 I believe??

    Maybe it was the toilet case one???
  6. ^^Oh GOOD GUESS! I'll go check the price and see if it "fits".
  7. ^^YUP! Excellent Guess! That's the exact price of the toilet case. *sigh* I guess I'm back to square one with the makeup, but at least I'm less confused now! LOL!
  8. the Make Up sells for either $475 or $575 at Bal NY - i can't remember now!!!:
    mail.jpeg mail-1.jpeg
  9. ^^ nicole you're killing me with your photos! I adore your makeup collection! I want to start with a black and move on to a bright color (or a fall color: "bordeaux"?) later in the year.
  10. thanks!! i love my little trio - my work bag does not!! it's jammed, but worth it :tender:
  11. ^^You carry all 3! at once!!! What does in each (if you don't mine me asking).

    I have city bags: so I think I could fit only one (at a time) + my coinpurses.
  12. Everytime I see your Vert D'eau makeup, a part of me just swoons and falls over itself. Is it easy to keep clean? I'm on the passive lookout for one of these, I'm just afraid of the light color but the color is so beautiful!
  13. it's not a vert d'eau - it's an 04 turquoise!!!!! and yes, a part of me swoons everytime too, the leather is like buttah! :drool:

    i'm not too paranoid about using it - my work bag is pretty organized, so there aren't any loose pens floating around to mark it up, yikes! i like to use my bags as much as possible - they are heartier then they look!
  14. ^^ actually, i carry 2 in my work - only 1 would really fit in a city. one of them holds my checkbook, moleskin notebook, reading glasses and my cell phone. that way, i'm not digging around everywhere to find stuff. my other one actually carries make-up!! it keeps my work organized if a wee bit heavier than normal;)
  15. i would LOVE a make up and a toiletries one swoon swoon swoon