Balenciaga Magenta Hobo - rare or not?

  1. I have a Magenta Hobo which I bought in January 2006 and I have never even used it once. Not once. It's always been in my closet and I have decided to forget what I paid for it. The reason is that I figured that the color is not really me (I'm a white, black, dark brown kinda person) and it's just sitting there in my closet. I didn't think anyone else would love it either.

    Reading this thread, can I have your views on whether my hobo is a rare find? Is it highly coveted? I didn't think anyone would want it, but would I be wrong?
  2. tammy i can totally relate, i got a brand new magenta first, i thought i would really love it. When i got it irl i find it too dark and havent used it once i realized im really a brown bag girl (yaahh boring i know! ) but i dont know how to carry colored bags i guess. I decided a week ago i'm selling my magenta, i better have a bag i would actually use than something sitting in my closet... sorry this is not an answer to your question :smile: imo if your not loving it better to sell and get a bag you would really love and use.
  3. i scored a magenta box from bluefly when they had authentic bags and i didn't love the color either so ended up returning the bag. i think the magenta is a highly desired color but lately there have been quite a lot around. BNY just had some firsts and works a few weeks back in stock and then some store in the UK did as well.

    i think the magenta hobo is harder to find though -- although there is one on ebay now.

    if you are wondering whether it'll sell, it definitely should if it is priced right.
  4. there are lots of magenta fans out there. it's a great color that goes well with neutral colored outfits. i have it in the work. the color looks vibrant and makes me happy. i adore magenta!:girlsigh:
  5. Thanks ladies. How much does a regular hobo retail for, including taxes?
  6. It is $995 before taxes.
  7. TammyD - i reckon you should totally take it for a spin before you really decide what to do with the magenta hobo! the colour is HOT and its rare now... use it for a couple of hours... just around home and see if you really really want to part with it! good luck!!!!
  8. Thanks Chigirl!!

    Now I want an ink classique, twiggy or box. So I might have to sell it. Sigh. I hate selling my brand new stuff because it just feels like I'm losing money for nothin'
  9. I doubt you are going to lose money on it ... I think you could probably recoup what you paid!
  10. yeah, i didn't mean you had to price it under retail at all.

    you can watch the other one on ebay too and see what happens. it is priced $200 over retail.
  11. Thanks for all your advice, ladies! I guess I'll try it out for a while and then decide. I really want something dark colored so it's a little more grundgy. Thanks again everyone!!
  12. just keep tabs on magenta sales on eBay for a month or so and check out the completed auctions- that will give you a really clear direction in which to price your bag ;) I think there is a market for magenta, especially in summer!
  13. I absolutely love Magenta! It is one of my favorite b-bag colors :love: :heart:
  14. I don't know if it's rare because I'm a new-B addict...
    But I think it's a very beautiful colour :love: !!!

    Have a look to my signature and avatar ;)
  15. Magenta bags sell for quite alot on ebay:

    Magenta city, retail $1195.00 plus tax, sold for $1575.00 plus shipping

    Magenta hobo, retails $995.00 plus tax, sold for $1200.00